Early Neutral Evaluation Near MeThe essence of an early neutral evaluation is the neutrality provided by a third-party, most often a mediator, who reviews the evidence of your case and listens to the positions taken by the people involved before providing an evaluation of the matter. Lesa Koski offers the service known as ‘early neutral evaluation’ to clients who may benefit from her expertise.

Early neutral evaluation is an important component in the processes involved in a dispute settlement or divorce. Complicated disputes, or those in which the individuals show an unwillingness to be flexible in the dispute settlement process, can find that a settlement is reached more easily by a court that has the recommendation of a professional who has offered an early neutral evaluation. When that professional has a reputation for being forthright, honest, and competent, the court not only finds it easier to reach a fair settlement, but the individuals themselves also feel more confident that they were treated fairly. Lesa Koski has built a reputation for being fair, impartial, and highly professional in her work with clients.

Experienced Early Neutral Evaluator, MN

As the term ‘neutral’ applies to ‘early neutral evaluation,’ it may be tempting to think that it means your mediator does not care about the disputants or the outcome of your dispute. In truth, a professional who provides early neutral evaluations is anything but neutral when it comes to fairness. The desire to arrive at a fair recommendation based on all of the available evidence is where Lesa Koski has a strong bias. Her recommendations, therefore, will be made only on the evidence that is provided, with the laws of Minnesota as the basis for her recommendations.

If your case cannot be easily resolved before arriving in court, the court will find it easier to reach a decision when a reliable and competent professional has already offered an early neutral evaluation. Lesa Koski has extensive experience as an early neutral evaluator, and her approach to working with clients not only involves gathering information about your issue, but employing creative strategies to maximize agreement among those involved in the dispute.

Two Types of Early Neutral Evaluations

Most early neutral evaluations fall into one of two categories: Financial Early Neutral Evaluation or Social Early Neutral Evaluation.

If you are in the process of getting a divorce, a financial early neutral evaluation can be helpful in resolving debts incurred by you and your former spouse, and it can also be helpful in determining spousal support (alimony).

If you have children, you may also need a social early neutral evaluation. This process can help determine child support and parenting time (including parenting time (visitation) and custody) issues.

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