Elder Law AttorneyWhen most people hear “family lawyer,” they often think of parenting issues and divorce attorneys, but family law is something that encompasses a wide range of family issues on top of these. Elder law is often included in the legal issues family attorneys handle, which is usually best for everyone. Especially when elders are involved, planning for the future can be complicated, seem daunting, and be challenging, emotionally. Preparing for your loved ones to get older isn’t just about mental and emotional preparation, though; it’s about being set, financially and legally, to care for your family as they get older and can no longer care for themselves. Lesa Koski is a specialist in family law, working as an elder law attorney in Woodbury, MN to help families work through the complex issues involved in elder law.

Estate Planning Attorney

Though estate planning may seem like the most difficult task an elder law attorney has, it’s actually one of the simpler issues family law attorneys handle. When there are medical issues to consider as your loved ones age, separating an estate or writing a will is often the last thing on your mind, but it still must be done. Whether completed with the help of your loved one or after he or she has lost the ability to make estate planning decisions on his or her own, Lesa Koski can help make sure every decision is in the interest of your loved one and his or her wishes.

Powers of Attorney and Guardianship Issues

Some powers of attorney and guardianship decisions are simple and unanimous within a family, and this makes Lesa’s job easier, but other times, families disagree about what’s best for their elderly loved one. Whether your loved one planned for their elder care and guardianship, your family has reached a decision about who will care for your loved one, or your family is still struggling to come to a compromise about who will care for your loved one, Lesa Koski can help you through the process with as little conflict or difficulty as possible and ensure all necessary steps are followed correctly.

Healthcare Directives and Planning for Medical Care

When it comes time to plan for medical care, assisted living, or healthcare directives for your elderly loved ones, it’s typically the most challenging part of caring for someone. End of life care is essential, but it’s something no one wants to have to think about in advance – so many often don’t. However, to ensure your loved one has the chance to choose their own future, or to be sure you’re adhering to your family member’s wishes as they get older, it’s important to plan for medical care and emergency situations. Lesa Koski can help make sure you consider every element of caring for your loved one, including the things you’d rather avoid thinking of. As a Woodbury, Minnesota elder law attorney, Lesa has years of experience in family law, and she can help make sure you’re making the best decisions for your loved ones at every turn. Call her today at (651) 214-5057, or email lesa.koski@gmail.com to help ensure your loved ones are well cared for.