Woodbury MNLesa Koski is a highly respected and experienced lawyer and skilled mediator who serves many constituencies in Minnesota, including elderly members of our communities. Getting older often means that issues like health care, finances and other important decisions require the help and support of others. Lesa understands that the changes that can occur when a loved one ages can be difficult and she offers a compassionate and sensitive approach to elder law issues such as:

● Estate Planning: One thing that is often very important to an individual is how their belongings will be distributed in the event of their death. Lesa can help a loved one develop a plan for the distribution of their estate. It is necessary to be good planners for the elderly people in our lives and estate planning makes a situation much clearer and more straightforward for the future.
● Guardianships: Establishing a guardianship is another way of ensuring the long-term welfare of an elderly person. When an elderly person is no longer able to be responsible for their own safety and well-being, it is often necessary to issue a writ of guardianship to a trusted family member or friend.
● Powers of Attorney: Creating legal Powers of Attorney requires the knowledge and experience that Lesa Koski possesses. It is vital to leave nothing to chance, and the only way to ensure that is to draw from a lawyer’s understanding of what could occur if an elderly person no longer has the capacity to make decisions for themselves. Creating a power of attorney while the elder person has the ability to make such determinations will help make future transitions far easier.
● Medical assistance planning: Health issues will almost certainly become a more prominent part of the life of an older person. Lesa has extensive training and knowledge of the health-related systems and is well versed in the many components of elder law that that are related to healthcare.
● Health Care Directives: Lesa Koski can help you or your aging relatives develop a health-care directive that ensures that the individual is cared for in the way that honors their wishes.

Experienced Elder Lawyer, Stillwater, MN

Lesa Koski is an important part of the community. The legal counsel and mediation services she provides to her clients offer a kind of reassurance and comfort that we often don’t realize we need. When we get older, we sometimes become less adept at dealing with the complexities of life, so it’s important to have someone working on our behalf, and no one is better suited for helping elderly people with legal issues than Lesa Koski. Call Lesa today at 651-214-5057 for more information or to schedule a time to talk.