Elder Law Mediation Services Near MeThe saying “the days are long and the years are short” really hits home when it comes to watching your kids grow up and watching your parents age. Your parents gave you life and took care of you during your own childhood and as you enter adulthood, they are entering the sunset of their life. Stopping long enough to think about this can be difficult, but very necessary to think about. Unfortunately, there are times when a family does not agree about how to best resolve issues about an aging loved one. Lesa Koski is an elder law mediator in Woodbury, MN, who can help you and your family navigate issues that come up with an aging parent or loved one. Lesa will help you find a way to compromise, solve problems, all while putting your loved one’s needs first.

Elder Law Mediator in Woodbury, MN

Lesa Koski specializes in elder law and believes that mediation is an ideal way to come up with solutions that can help you make plans for the future. Lesa offers kind, compassionate and competent services to families all over Woodbury, MN. Lesa understands how difficult it is to watch your parents or grandparents age and this stress can cause even close families to have difficulty. Mediation gives you the power to talk openly, focus on the welfare of your loved one and find areas of compromise. In many cases, issues can be resolved without costly and stressful litigation.

Lesa Koski offers the following elder care services to her clients in Woodbury, MN:

Medical Assistance Planning
Simple Estate Planning
Drafting health care directives
Conservatorships and guardianships
Establishing a power of attorney

Support for Issues Related to an Aging Loved One

Sometimes it is easier to put your head down and think about only what is in front of you. Unfortunately, however, that can only prolong the difficulty associated with managing issues related to your aging loved ones. Lesa Koski can help you face these issues head on and take the issues one step at a time. She has extensive knowledge of Minnesota law, and has spent her entire career helping others solve problems. Lesa is eager to help you and your family salvage the good parts of your relationship and focus on a future without unnecessary surprises. Mediation allows you to find your way forward in a way that works best for you and your family, rather than leaving these decisions in the hands of a judge. For more information about Lesa’s elder law mediation services, call her at 651-214-5057 or email lesa@lesakosi.com.