Experienced Elder Law Mediator

Growing older is a simple part of life, and we all want this time to be respectful, loving and compassionate for our loved ones. Lesa Koski is a mediator in Western, WI that provides elder law mediation services that can help you and your family resolve difficult decisions carefully, while minimizing the stress and family tension. Lesa can answer all of your questions clearly and can make a complicated family situation a bit easier for all involved.

Lesa Koski is a gifted communicator who is passionate about her work. She strives to build trust with the families that she works with and believes that this trust goes a long way toward helping a family resolve issues related to elder law. She has a law degree, a Masters in Health in Human Services, and also worked closely with seniors for several years in the home health field. That is where Lesa discovered her gift for connecting with seniors and their families. Lesa has experience assisting families navigate the following elder law issues:

Experienced Elder Law Mediator

● Power of Attorney
● Guardianships
● Simple Estate Planning
● Health Care Directives
● Medical Assistance Planning
● Conservatorships

If you are trying to help a parent or loved one plan for their future, now is a great time to consider partnering with Lesa Koski. Lesa understands that these issues can be difficult to think about and talk about – but once you take that first step and reach out to her, she will make the process simple, straightforward and easy. She can explain WI law as it pertains to your loved one and help you put the documents in place that will give you and your loved one the relief and confidence in your decisions. This is an excellent way to honor those that you love, listen to their voice and respect their wishes.

Elder Law Mediation Services in Western, WI

As an elder law mediator, it is important to understand that Lesa will not make decisions for you and your family. She will facilitate a discussion so that you are empowered to make these decisions yourself, together, as a family unit. She can be a resource about legal issues and guide you through the process of drafting documents and submitting them appropriately.

If you live in Western, WI and would like to speak with Lesa about her elder law mediation services, you are welcome to call 651-214-5057 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.