Mn and WI Elder Law Planning AttorneyAs we age, we realize more and more that there are certain things in life we have to plan for. While you can leave some things to chance, your health and well being aren’t one of them. Lesa Koski is an elder law attorney who specializes in medical assistance planning, guardianship, conservatorship, estate planning, and health care directives. This also includes designating power of attorney and writing a living will. If you want to secure your future and ensure your loved ones have guidelines to follow, Lesa Koski can help. You’ll also rest easy knowing you’re giving yourself and your loved ones peace of mind. No one will have to guess what your wishes are, and they can be carried our seamlessly, no matter what.

Medical Assistance Planning Attorney

Whether you already require medical assistance, think you may in the future, or just want to be safe, we’ll help. Having a medical assistance planning attorney will ensure there are no loose ends. You’ll be completely cared for, no matter what happens in your elder years, and you’ll know what will happen in most scenarios. Needing medical assistance isn’t something you can always see coming. You may be perfectly healthy today, but there are always unexpected things in life that create challenges along the way. To plan for the unexpected or even to plan for what you expect may happen, think about your medical needs now.

Conservatorship Planning

If you want to be sure your financial and personal affairs are handled by one individual, you’ll need a conservatorship attorney. Conservatorship is only relevant is you are eventually mentally or physically incapable of making your own decisions about finances and your daily life. If you choose to appoint a conservator, you’ll know that there’s someone already in a position to make those decisions for you if you ever can’t.

Health Care Directives

Health Care Directives include writing a living will and planning for power of attorney. While neither of these are things you want to think about before you need to, there’s often little time to think of them when they’re needed. That’s why it’s best to complete a Health Care Directive sooner than later. You and your loved ones will rest easier knowing you’ll be cared for in a way you want and that your wishes will be known and respected at every turn.

Guardianship Attorney

If you’re ever incapable of self-care, you can decide who will be responsible for your guardianship now. That means you won’t have to worry about that decision being made for you or your loved ones having to decide later on. You can all plan for that day in advance.

If you’re ready to work with an elder law attorney, call Lesa Koski today at (651) 214-5057, or email Look out for your own future and the future of your loved ones by preparing for any possibilities.