Elder Law AttorneyElder Law Attorney Lesa Koski serving Stillwater, Woodbury, Lake Elmo, Bayport and the surrounding twin cities metro area believes in planning ahead. “I spend a lot of time educating people in the community for several of the following reasons. We can create positive outcomes for difficult situations through planning, understanding leads to good planning and understanding grows from education”. Most important to Lesa of Koski Law and Mediation of Stillwater, MN is to educate clients so that they can plan well and have a good outcome.

Elder Law Attorney

One of the first things that Koski Law and Mediation addresses with their Elder Law clients is planning for incapacity. Lesa Koski of Koski Law & Mediation in Stillwater sees planning for incapacity as one of the most important cost savings planning tools a client can use. “And it is easy and inexpensive.”

Powers of Attorney are utilized to plan ahead for a client’s financial future. This allows the client to make the decision on who they would like to make financial decisions for them if they are unable to make the decision for themselves.

Power of Attorney

If a Power of Attorney is not in place and a person becomes incapacitated the MN Courts must become involved to take care of a person’s finances through a Conservatorship. Conservatorships are wonderful necessary tools in some situations. However, planning ahead with a Power of Attorney saves time and money. Going through the legal system and setting up a conservatorship is cost more and is time consuming. Not to mention by drafting a Power of Attorney you have the ability, rather than the court, to make the decision regarding who you would like to make your financial decisions.

When you are choosing a Power of Attorney make sure the person is trustworthy, responsible, an advocate, and in close physical proximity. Make sure that in addition to naming your agent, you name a substitute agent. Often times one person will be unable or unavailable to meet your agent needs. It is always important to have back up.
If you have additional questions regarding Powers of Attorney or any other Elder Law questions please contact Lesa Koski at Lesa@lesakoski.com or call 651-214-5057. She would enjoy meeting with you and offers a free 30 minute consultation from her office in Stillwater, MN.