Experienced Elder Law AttorneyAs our population gets older, the availability of qualified experts in elder law will become increasingly important. Lesa Koski is one such professional. As is true with any specific demographic, people of advanced age in our society are in need of important legal services that are specific to the kinds of issues that derive from age-related matters. Lesa Koski is committed to providing compassionate and competent legal support to families and aging individuals who are ready to prepare for financial freedom and autonomy by making decisions now about long term care options.

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Medical Assistance planning: It is natural for older people to develop new and often more complicated health issues as they age. Lesa Koski is an elder law attorney who understands the complex nature of our medical systems and is therefore uniquely qualified to provide medical assistance planning.
Health Care Directives: Lesa Koski advocates on behalf of people who may not be able to advocate on their own behalf. If you or an elder loved-one have specific wishes regarding your healthcare, and want those wishes to become directives to ensure that you receive the care you desire and have a right to, Lesa can help. She will ensure that your wishes are not ignored or that they are not carried out because of uncertainty on the part of healthcare providers.
Conservatorships: If you or an elder loved-one are no longer able to manage your own finances or other aspects of life, a conservatorship may be the best solution. To set up a conservatorship, it is vital to have a strong legal mind to create it. A well-crafted conservatorship can guarantee that an estate will be handled the way its elder owner wishes.
Powers of Attorney: It is common for elderly people to lose their ability to make their own decisions. When it occurs to you or a loved-one, it will be important for someone trustworthy to be granted the power of attorney to ensure that advocacy is not sacrificed.
Simple Estate Planning: What happens to an elderly person’s belongings—including personal possessions, financial holdings, and other aspects of ownership—can create confusion and conflict when not properly planned for. Estate Planning helps determine what will happen to the possessions of an elderly person later in life and after. Lesa Koski cares about people and works to provide reassurance as to how their possessions will be treated when it comes time to resolve issues related to their estate.

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If you would like to contact Lesa Koski for a free consultation, you can call 651-214-5057, or email lesa.koski@gmail.com. Lesa has more than 20 years of experience practicing elder law for clients all throughout the East Metro and can help you or your loved one plan for your future.