Experienced Divorce CoachLesa Koski’s professional goal is to provide support to individuals and families in Woodbury, MN during the divorce process. As an experienced divorce coach, she brings compassion, care and competence to divorce cases and can help you sort out the many difficult aspects of settling your divorce and finally moving forward.

It is important to understand that divorce coaching is a different service than divorce mediation. As you may know, a divorce mediator works with both parties in a relationship to help them settle the terms of their divorce and end their marriage. A divorce coach, however, works with only one of the parties in the relationship. By law, if you contract with a qualified divorce mediator to serve you as a divorce coach, that person may work only with you. When you work with Lesa Koski as your divorce coach, she will serve your interests in the divorce process providing you with support and guiding you through the process and the many decisions you will need to make.

Woodbury Divorce Coach

Couples who seek the assistance of a divorce mediator often have the ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively in pursuit of the end of their marriage. In some cases, however, a person seeking the help of a divorce coach finds that the spouse they wish to divorce is less cooperative and less willing to collaborate in resolving the issues between them. A divorce coach can provide not only emotional and psychological support to the person she is coaching, she can also provide a wealth of information and resources about the legal aspects of divorce.

The emotions stirred by conflict can add even greater stress to the divorce process. With Lesa Koski serving as your divorce coach, the help you receive will be enhanced. Lesa Koski’s unique combination of human kindness and professional acumen provides a powerful and calming effect on those she serves as a divorce coach. When you work with Lesa, you have a person who both provides good counsel and expert knowledge of the legal processes associated with divorce.

Divorce Coaching Support

Most people who have been through a divorce will comment on the level of support they received during their divorce. It is notable both in the presence and absence of support, and most often it is a family member or a close friend who provides the support. With Lesa Koski, the kind of support you receive has the emotional impact of a family member or friend but includes a deep understanding of divorce law. For more information call Lesa Koski (651) 214-5057 to schedule a free consultation about her divorce coaching services.