Expert Elder Law Attorney in MinnesotaIf you are getting older, or if you are caring for your parents or a loved one who is aging, Lesa Koski can be of great help as you prepare for the later stages of life. Lesa Koski is an expert elder law attorney in Minnesota. Lesa’s expertise extends to all of the main areas of elder law, including the following:

  • Healthcare directives are also called living wills and serve as an individual’s specific wishes about what should be done in response to a wide range of health concerns if or when that individual is no longer able to make health-related decisions for themselves.
  • Medical Assistance Planning is a service that can ensure that your loved-one is given the care that is needed when that care becomes necessary. It is often determined by income-eligibility. The services provided to your loved-one are administered certified practitioners in certified facilities, such as nursing homes.
  • Power of Attorney is the process of transferring the right to advocate on behalf of one person—in the case of elder law, this would be your elderly loved-one—to a trusted other. The person now in possession of power of attorney becomes responsible for making decisions on behalf of the person on specific and defined legal and medical matters.
  • Conservatorships are legal processes that involve a judge appointing someone to manage another person’s finances. In elder law, this usually occurs when an individual is either too ill or has too many physical and/or mental limitations to adequately manage their own finances anymore.
  • Simple Estate Planning is the process of ensuring that your loved-ones’ affairs are in order, and includes such things as living wills, the fulfillment of the wishes of the elderly person, and generally ensuring that all of that person’s affairs are taken care of in the later stages of life.

Experienced Elder Law Attorney, MN

All of the processes associated with Elder Law require the assistance of someone with great legal competence. Lesa Koski has extensive legal knowledge and expertise in all aspects of elder law and a big heart and deep empathy for all people. Her background includes personal and professional experiences that have helped her develop an abiding respect for elderly people, and she pours the best of both the personal and professional into her work.

If you are in need of help with anything from simple estate planning or one or more of the specific health or financial related services, Lesa would be honored to work with you. You can contact her by calling (651) 214-5057, or by emailing