divorce mediation stillwater mnFamily and divorce mediator Lesa Koski (serving Stillwater and Woodbury) finds that couples that focus on their children have successful divorce mediations. Divorce mediator Lesa Koski finds when couples are extremely disagreeable bringing the focus back to the children serves the mediation process very well. All parents love their children and want what is best for them. When divorcing couples have children one of the first steps in the divorce mediation process is creating a parenting plan.

The parenting plan is a joint agreement between the parents for the benefit of their minor children. There are 7 principles to most parenting plans.
1. The mother and father are committed to cooperating with each other in order to provide future parenting of children. Both parents recognize that each of them is an important piece to their child’s/children’s life.
2. The purpose of the plan is to provide the children with healthy, safe and respectful homes and to establish clear and reasonable separate parenting boundaries and to minimize the children’s exposure to parental conflict.
3. Each parent must continue to have a role in providing a sound environment for the children.
4. Each parent needs equal access to receive important children records from school, medical, dental, religious etc.
5. Both parents may attend and participate in the children’s activities. Each parent needs to be informed of all activities and appointments when possible.
6. The parents realize that the children’s needs will change as thy mature. It is important for children to have a clearly defined schedule with each parent. If the schedule needs to change each parent agrees to discuss the change with the other parent before communicating it to the children.
7. Each parent will honor the parenting style of the other parent and will refrain from interfering with the other parent’s decision.
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