Family Law Divorce Mediation in Afton, MinnesotaFamily matters can be extremely sensitive and when an issue comes up that needs to be decided by the court, emotions can quickly rise. Mediation is a tool that can be used to settle an issue related to family law without having to navigate the traditional court system, which can very quickly pin two members of the same family against each other. Lesa Koski specializes in family law mediation services in Afton, Minnesota and can help you find resolution without an expensive court battle.

Resolves Family Issues with Mediation

Some common family law issues that are ideally suited for mediation include divorce settlements, custody concerns, spousal maintenance, and issues that come up after divorce is final. In addition, issues related to elder care can be resolved via mediation including determination of a power of attorney, estate planning and drafting a healthcare directive.

Mediation allows both parties to voice their concerns, questions and goals for settling the dispute. As your mediator, Lesa Koski will listen to these issues and help guide a positive and productive discussion that will empower you to find solutions and ways to settle the issues at hand. Lesa believes in the power of trust and open communication can help lay a foundation for productive discussion about very difficult issues.

Experienced Family Law Mediator in Afton, MN

Lesa Koski has a track record of success, bringing a background in family law and mediation. This means that she can offer you important legal resources and guidance during the mediation process. Lesa is a born communicator and her ability to connect with her clients puts them at ease and creates an environment where discussion can remain focused and productive.

When you have an issue that divides a family, it is important to take the measures that you can not to make a difficult situation even worse. Reducing conflict may seem impossible in the moment, but mediation has a much better chance of achieving this goal than a court battle. Mediation is less expensive than litigation, takes less time and is entirely confidential. No one knows your family dynamic better than you, and mediation also gives you the opportunity to have a real say in the outcome.

Family Law Mediation Services Afton, MN

If your family is facing an issue that you need help resolving, turn to Lesa Koski, a family law mediator in Afton, Minnesota for assistance. Lesa can be reached directly at 651-214-5057 or by email at