Family Law Services MN | Divorce Mediation WIBased in Stillwater, Minnesota, Lesa Koski provides family law counsel for people who live in Woodbury, Stillwater, and other cities in Minnesota, and for the residents of Hudson, Wisconsin. Lesa Koski has deep experience in many aspects of the law, including but not limited to Family Law. Lesa is a family lawyer with more than a decade of experience working with families to navigate the many difficult issues that fall into the category of family law.

Family Law Expert, Minnesota And Wisconsin

Lesa Koski brings impartiality and understanding of the nuances of law, in addition to legal aptitude, which helps you ensure that you will be able to prioritize the best possible result for your family. A dependable family law attorney will not only address the specifics of your case, that attorney will inform you of the specifics of your case as they are affected by Minnesota law. If you are going through a divorce, you know that the process is painful and stressful. Because of the potential for high levels of stress, your legal advocate should be invested in your best interests, offering impartiality for the benefit of all family members.

The laws of Minnesota and Wisconsin that pertain to divorce can be complicated, despite the apparent simplicity of the no-fault laws. No-fault laws mean that divorce can move forward without addressing improprieties or behavior, such as infidelity, that might have been committed by one or both of the people seeking a divorce. A potential outcome of these circumstances is that questionable actions in a marriage do not necessarily have an impact on the terms of settlement. Therefore, when one member of the couple feels hurt by the other, that person cannot always benefit from the divorce proceedings as a result of the spouse’s actions that prompted divorce.

Family Lawyer, Stillwater, Woodbury and Hudson

The pain and stress of divorce is nearly always unavoidable. A strong and fair-minded family law attorney like Lesa Koski can do a great deal to assuage your fears and help you get back on your feet, and also feel good about the welfare of your children and other family members affected by divorce and other legal situations that affect families. When divorce becomes inevitable, you may feel a small amount of relief from the knowledge that the change you need is forthcoming. Build on that feeling by partnering with a family law attorney that can help you navigate the difficult issues around settling the divorce, including dividing debt and property, and especially working out details related to children. Lesa Koski is well prepared to help you. Call her at (651) 214-5057 to learn more or to make an appointment.