Family Law Services MN | Divorce Mediation WIWhen you’re going through a separation or divorce, the legal process of separating can be even more troublesome than the separation itself. That’s why Lesa Koski is here to help – to make the process less painful, less drawn-out, and less expensive than it would be in court. With a family law mediator, you’ll have the benefit of an informed legal mind who has experience as both a mediator and a family law attorney. That means that when Lesa is helping you understand the potential legal outcomes of a court case, she’s speaking from past experience. When you come to Lisa for Oak Grove or St. Paul, Minnesota family law mediation help, you’ll find more than a legal aid; you’ll find someone who’s able to help you diffuse tension in your separation and create a legally equitable divorce or parenting agreement outside of the courtroom.

Benefits of Mediation in Family Law Cases

No matter your reasons for utilizing a family law mediator, you can’t go wrong with Lesa Koski. As a mediator, she can help you to work through the difficult, complex, and emotionally trying elements of your separation, working with you and your former partner or spouse to solidify a fair agreement that will be fair to you both. In a divorce mediation, by evaluating your financial history as a couple, Lesa will help to determine spousal or child support as well as the division of marital property, three things that most couples cannot decide on themselves without legal aid – especially if the separation is heated or fueled with conflict. Lesa can also help save you hundreds of dollars as a divorce or parenting mediator, helping to keep you out of the courtroom and prevent you from paying hefty court costs. Instead, she’ll walk you through the decisions that would likely be made by a judge and help you and your former partner come to an agreement quickly, with as little conflict or cost as possible.

Types of Family Law Mediation Lesa Offers

As a family law mediator, Lesa offers a variety of family law mediation services, including:

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Co-Mediation
  • Post-Divorce Mediation
  • Spousal Maintenance Mediation
  • Parenting Agreement Mediation

If you’re in need of any of these family law mediation services in Oakdale or St. Paul, MN, contact Lesa Koski today. As an impartial mediator, Lesa will not act as an attorney to either party should further legal action be required, and she will be sure to remain impartial during the entire mediation process. As a mediator, it is Lesa’s job to give you sound legal advice and be sure that you reach a legally equitable agreement in mediation. To schedule your first mediation appointment, contact Lesa at (651) 214-5057, or send an email to