Family Law Mediator in Woodbury, MNLegal issues that come up within a family are especially sensitive in nature, because there is a longstanding relationship between the parties and in many cases, a personal connection well after a dispute is resolved. Family law mediation is a way to resolve these types of issues without escalating them to the court. Lesa Koski is a family law mediator in Woodbury, MN, who can help you and your family solve many difficult and complex issues with less stress and pain than litigating the dispute.

Family Law Mediation Services

Some of the most common family law issues that can be resolved via mediation include:

  • Divorce: You and your spouse can use mediation to resolve all issues related to your divorce including the separation of joint property, assets and debts.
  • Child Custody: Child custody and visitation are two of the most common issues tackled in family law mediation. Family law mediation can help you resolve issues of child custody at the time of a divorce or even after a divorce is final and circumstances change.
  • Spousal Maintenance: In some divorce cases, one spouse pays alimony to the other, generally because that spouse makes less money.
  • Post-divorce issues: A divorce is merely the beginning of a new phase of your relationship with your ex. If you share children, you continue to interact and co-parent well after your divorce is final.
  • Adoption and guardianship: Other issues of guardianship and adoption can also be settled via family law mediation.

Benefits of Family Law Mediation in Woodbury, MN

There are many benefits to pursuing mediation rather than litigation for issues of family law. First, because these issues are personal, emotional and vitally important, mediation empowers YOU to make decisions that are in the best interest of your family. A judge and attorneys cannot possibly understand all of the dynamics within a family like you can. In addition, mediation costs less, takes less time meaning that you can reach resolution much sooner than with a court battle. Finally, mediation encourages cooperation and often actually reduces the overall conflict in a family dispute which can go a long way toward minimizing future problems.

Lesa Koski has spent her career helping families work through difficult legal issues. Mediation is a true passion for her, as she believes that most conflict can be resolved when the two parties come to a table with an open mind, willing to communicate and able to trust the mediator. Lesa hopes to be this mediator for you. If you live in the Woodbury, MN area and would like to learn more about her family mediation services, call 651-214-5057.