Divorce MediationIf you have children and are going through or have recently been through a divorce, and have unanswered questions about child support, parenting plans, and other matters affecting your family, Lesa Koski can offer you valuable information, strategies, support and guidance that will to help your family resolve whatever issues are impacting you. Lesa has earned a positive reputation and respect for her work with divorcing parents and helping families navigate divorce and finally move forward in their lives.

Divorce and Family Mediation Woodbury

Lesa’s family law mediation practice is based in Woodbury, MN. She has established a strong reputation as an expert and an advocate of the best possible outcomes for all family members. The very notion of Family Law communicates an impact on children, who are almost always deeply affected by the divorce of their parents. Lesa can help with a wide variety of issues related to family law including:

● Divorce settlement (including division of property, assets and debts)
● Development of a parenting plan (or custody arrangement)
● Determination of child and/or spousal support
● Post-divorce support
● Separation for Unmarried partners/domestic partners
● Divorce Coaching
● Divorce Support

Lesa takes pride in her ability to communicate with people. When that skill is employed in mediation contexts involving family law, her communication skills truly shine. Best of all, it’s families like yours that benefit most from her ability to understand your situation and offer answers to questions that have eluded understanding up to now. Lesa’s years of experience translate to helpful and often step-by-step strategies that allow you and your family members to feel good about the progress you are making.

A good communicator is not only a good speaker. In fact, the best communicators are those who work toward mastering the skill of listening. By listening effectively, she is able to discern patterns and trends that often elude us because we’re too close to our own situations to be able to see them. Such skills are vitally important to resolving issues pertaining to Family Law.

Experienced Divorce Mediator

Many divorced couples have difficulty communicating after divorce. The end of a marriage does not necessarily mean an end to the issues that led to the divorce. Lesa can both help you navigate your divorce as well as deal with issues that may come up once the divorce is final. If you have questions or issues pertaining to family law or divorce mediation, contact Lesa Koski for assistance. Call her directly at (651) 214-5057 or email her at lesa.koski@gmail.com to set up a convenient time to discuss what’s most important to you.