Family Law Services MN | Divorce Mediation WIWith a Bachelor’s degree in communication, a Master’s degree in human and public health and a law degree, Lesa has through time been concerned with the well-being of others, and understands the importance of communication, especially between her and her clients, and with the potential hardship of divorce and other family law matters.

Being involved in family law is never easy on anyone. A change in your family’s life can be an extremely emotional process, and can feel like a rollercoaster. During these hard times, it can be very helpful to seek a family lawyer to guide you. Understanding the legal system can be very complicated, and it is important that you are your family are appropriately represented so the best decisions can be made for you and your family. Whether you are drafting a prenuptial agreement, designing a parenting plan, or looking to understand your divorce options, Lesa is here for you.

Family Law & Divorce Law

Understanding family law, especially divorce law can be difficult, and Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state. No-fault divorce means that marriage can be broken and does not require proof that either party has done any wrong doing. You can file for divorce without having to prove that either party providing evidence that someone has committed adultery or another act that breaks the marital contract. A dependable family law attorney will address all of the specifics in a case and can advocate for you. Due to the no-fault divorce law there is potential that if someone has committed a wrongdoing, the court will not side on the party that has been hurt. The person that initiates the divorce, even if they broke marital contract, could potentially fare better than the other spouse.

When getting a divorce it is extremely important to understand Minnesota Law, and your rights in order to protect your finances, custody rights etc. With more than 15 years of experience in family law and years working as a mediator, Lesa is here for you.

Although Lesa offers both services, she cannot act as both lawyer and mediator due to ethics. As a mediator she will work with both parties and work to effectively communicate and negotiate in order for them to move forward, as a lawyer she will work to advocate for a party and therefore she cannot work as both mediator and lawyer. Lesa has worked with the Stillwater, Woodbury and Twin Cities community for many years and has been regarded as a wonderful communicator and prides herself for being a great support to her clients. If you have seeking a family law attorney, look no further than Lesa Koski.