Family Mediation Services in MinnesotaMediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that allows two parties to resolve complex and even difficult issues without having to go through the litigation process. Family mediation can cover issues related to divorce from your spouse or partner, child custody, child or spousal maintenance and even issues related to caring for an aging loved one. Lesa Koski is an experienced Minnesota family mediator with more than 15 years of experience helping families navigate and resolve difficult issues.

Benefits of Mediation over Litigation

There are many benefits to using family mediation services rather than going to court to settle your dispute. These benefits include:

  1. Less expensive: Mediation is significantly less expensive than a court battle. You can expect to spend between two and ten times less if you pursue mediation in large part because you are not required to hire lawyers and pay them an hourly rate.
  2. Reduce conflict and stress: The goal of mediation is to reduce conflict rather than exacerbate it, as can happen during litigation. In mediation, you are encouraged to find a solution for the issue to face, rather than leaving that decision in the hands of a judge. This very often produces a solution that all members of your family are happy with.
  3. Show other family members that compromise is possible: When you are trying to resolve an issue such as child custody, it is important to model positive behavior for your kids. Mediation gives you the opportunity to show your children that you and your ex can solve problems and are committed to a positive and healthy future.
  4. Focus on one issue at a time: Preparing for litigation can be overwhelming. Mediation allows you to prioritize the issues that are most important in your case and focus on resolving them one at a time. This can reduce the overall stress of a difficult situation.
  5. Resolve conflict faster: Mediation takes a matter of weeks to complete, whereas a court case can take months if not longer. Resolving your issue sooner allows your entire family to move forward more quickly, which is a great benefit to all.

Experienced Minnesota Family Mediator

If you have questions about family mediation services in Minnesota, contact Lesa Koski at 651-214-5057 or for more information. Lesa is highly trained and experienced family mediator that brings compassion and strong communication skills to each of her cases, which builds trust with her clients.