Female Family Law MediatorFamily issues and conflict have certainly not disappeared just because we have been going through a global pandemic. In fact, for some families, the stress of the pandemic has made already stressful and high conflict situations even more difficult. There are ways to resolve the family issues you are facing, with help, support and guidance. Lesa Koski is a family law mediator who has dedicated her career to helping families navigate difficult issues with less conflict and less stress.

Benefits of Mediation to Resolve Conflict

Family law mediation is a highly effective way to resolve issues surrounding divorce, custody, separation guidance for unmarried/domestic partners, division of property, spousal maintenance and child support and even grandparent rights. Rather than going through the long and stressful court proceeding, mediation allows you to find solutions that will work best for you and empowers you to finally move forward. Lesa understands how difficult these family issues can be and she brings knowledge, skill experience, calm and excellent communication skills to her clients. She has been a trusted mediator for nearly two decades and has successfully helped countless families find solutions to complex issues with less pain and difficulty. Lesa believes that open and honest communication, trust and willingness to compromise can help any situation resolve in a positive way.

One benefit of mediation that should be noted is that the process can help you with future problems down the road. If you work with a strong mediator like Lesa, you will be better equipped to face additional problems in the future. If you are unable to resolve them, again, no worries, you can come back to family law mediation for help. Building a relationship with a skilled mediator can lower the conflict, improve your family dynamic, help settle difficult issues and save you money, time and emotional stress. Lesa can help your family find peace.

Family Law Mediator Serving MN And Western WI

Family conflict can make you feel like your life is out of your control. Lesa works to help you take control back over your life. You are in the best possible position to make decisions about your family – so working with a mediator allows you to do just that, rather than leaving those big decisions in the hands of a judge and lawyers. For more information about Lesa’s family law mediation services or if you would like to schedule a time for a free consultation, call 651-214-5057 or email lesa@lesakoski.com.