File for Divorce Virtually in MN & WIWith the latest news about the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering whether normal legal operations can continue during this uncertain time. If you are in the process of filing for divorce in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you should know that you can still proceed. Lesa Koski is a divorce attorney and family mediator and has turned her attention to helping families understand how this impacts their case and to continuing to navigate the divorce process. Lesa is now offering virtual mediation and legal services that can keep your case from stalling during this difficult time.

Can You File for Divorce in Minnesota and Wisconsin Virtually?

In Minnesota you may file for divorce and if it is determined that you need a hearing, this can occur virtually. Some divorce cases do not even need the hearing and can be finalized while adhering to responsible social distancing practices. In Wisconsin, you can also continue to file for divorce. You should know that all hearings in WI will take place on the phone between now and the end of April. The court system is working hard to be flexible and allow you to proceed with your divorce case without delay.

Lesa Koski understands that this time may feel unusually stressful for you and your family. A divorce is difficult under any circumstance but trying to navigate the divorce process during the COVID-19 pandemic creates additional uncertainty and stress. This is where Lesa comes in. She can take a look at your case and help you move it forward with less emotional and financial stress. If you were a client of Lesa’s before the COVID crisis, then you may already have been contacted by Lesa about next steps related to your case. If you are looking for a divorce attorney or divorce mediator to help you settle your divorce, Lesa can help.

Experienced Divorce Attorney and Mediator in MN & WI

Lesa brings more than a decade of experience, knowledge of the specifics of Minnesota and Wisconsin law, strong communication skills that can be utilized virtually, and compassion for her clients. Now is a time to keep your family safe and healthy. You can focus on that important task and Lesa can focus on keeping your divorce case moving through the system. The court system is very willing to work with you during this time and Lesa can be your connection to the courts, so that you can be confident you are proceeding correctly. For more information about how to file for divorce virtually in Minnesota or Wisconsin, call Lesa directly at 651-214-5057 or email