Finding a divorce mediator is not always an easy task. Going through a divorce is already a difficult time. Divorce often encompasses major emotions, even if you are fully ready for the separation. It involves a new chapter in life and large changes can be hard to adjust to. Many couples are tied together financially, own property together and oftentimes adolescent children are involved as well. When you combine all these major things together, it can be quite sticky, difficult and many emotions get involved. When you are going through this time in your life you want to make sure that you hire an experienced professional and someone who understands Minnesota divorce law well to enable you to get the best counseling and guide you through this difficult process. Lesa Koski is not only a divorce mediator but also practices family law, and therefore she is equipped with the experience, expertise and kind heart that each person needs when they are going through this change.

State Qualified Neutral Divorce Mediator

Lesa is a state qualified neutral who has many years of mediation experience. Lesa understands how difficult these situations are and knows that each divorce has its own unique circumstances. She carefully listens to each of her clients to understand how to best help the situation move forward smoothly.

Efficient and Successfully Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is all about communication, and Lesa understands this which has made her an extremely efficient and successfully divorce mediation. She works with couples to move forward with their divorce, keeping the lines of communication open, while also pushing the couples to stay on track to resolve issues and make decisions that work best for each of them. When you work with her she fully listens and takes into consideration all aspects in order for her to contemplate and present solutions for both parties, to help them come to a conclusion for themselves.

Minnesota Encourages Using Divorce Mediators Over Litigated Divorce

Today, Minnesota law asks couples to seek a divorce mediator. If you seek to litigate your divorce not only does it take nearly a year longer than mediation on average, but it also is 4 times more expensive. National surveys have shown that nearly 100% of divorcing couples report feeling unsatisfied with the results, that being either one party or both, compared to litigation where the majority of both parties have resulted being satisfied with the out-comings. Mediation is 100% private, and when it comes to couples who have children together, this tends to be important and help them not make their private life public.

When you are looking for an experienced divorce mediator, Lesa Koski is here to guide you through this process, keeping it quick, cost effective and help keep both parties satisfied.