How a Mediator Can help the Divorce Process | Minnesota Divorce MediationLesa Koski has devoted her career to offering divorce mediation services to those in the Minnesota area. She believes in the process and has a true passion for mediation because it can do so much good for couples and families who are navigating a divorce. In many cases, mediation can actually prevent you from ever having to engage in a court battle, which can save you significant time, money and stress.

Benefits of Mediation over Litigation

Partnering with an experienced mediator like Lesa Koski can make a huge difference when it comes to settling the terms of your divorce. Lesa works with couples to find solutions to issues like dividing up your property, assets and debts, developing a child support agreement and parenting plan and deciding whether child and spousal support is needed in your situation. When you have to go to court to settle these issues, the outcome is entirely out of your hands. When you work with Lesa, you get to control the decisions you make. This can be very empowering for both parties and actually help you heal in a healthy way so that you can finally look forward to your future.

When you work with Lesa Koski as your divorce mediator, she will immediately set a positive and open tone in your mediation sessions. This openness builds trust and lays a foundation for productive discussion that is collaborative and cooperative, rather than confrontational. Lesa is caring and compassionate and connects with both parties and works to understand your specific goals, your priorities and believes that her approach actually helps to facilitate a positive outcome in divorce mediation cases. Lesa will earn the trust of both you and your soon to be ex and build a relationship where you can be honest and respectful when you communicate. This gives you the best possible chance of achieving resolution and staying out of the court system.

Experienced Divorce Mediator in MN

Divorce mediation is an extremely effective tool for settling all kinds of issues related to separation, divorce and co-parenting. Lesa Koski brings extensive mediation experience, strong communication skills, and a passion for helping people to each case she takes on. If you live in the Minnesota area and would like to learn more about the divorce mediation process or schedule a time to meet with Lesa about your case, call her directly at 651-214-5057 or email