How Does Divorce Coaching Differ From Divorce MediationIf you spend any time with Lesa Koski, you will quickly understand that she has a true passion and gift for mediation. Lesa Koski simply loves being a mediator. She understands that divorce can be near the top of the list of life’s most difficult experiences, and she works carefully and compassionately to minimize the negative impact that so often comes with divorce. Her energy and her compassion in combination with her professional training and years of developing her expertise, has helped Lesa build a strong reputation as a leading divorce mediator in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She offers a wide variety of divorce mediation services that can meet your unique needs – one that is gaining more attention is divorce coaching.

Divorce coaching comes out of the same philosophy that created the larger category of divorce mediation, but there is at least one significant difference. Divorce mediation involves a professional mediator working with both spouses who have decided to divorce. In divorce coaching, the mediator works with only one of the parties. The reasons a person may choose to use divorce coaching can, of course, vary. It may be that you are finding your spouse resistant about one or another aspect of the divorce process, or that you are finding it difficult to advocate for yourself in the divorce process that has already begun. A divorce coach works with you and only you to identify strategies and find solutions to address such matters.

A divorce coach does what all good coaches do. A good coach helps you identify the tasks you perform well and the tasks you perform that are in need of some measure of change or improvement, and then offers strategies to maximize your performance. A divorce coach does that work in the context of your divorce proceedings. Being a good divorce mediator meant that it was only a short leap for Lesa Koski to also be a good divorce coach. As someone who is a natural empathizer, Lesa is exceptionally good at listening, absorbing, synthesizing, and reflecting her understanding of what you present to others. From there, your work with her can address the specific issues, and you can go about addressing them with greater knowledge and confidence.

Experienced Divorce Coach in Minnesota and Wisconsin

This is especially true for people who have difficulty advocating on their own behalf, which is common in situations that are based in conflict. Divorce coaching may be a great option for you. If you would like more information, call Lesa at (651) 214-5057.