Important Benefits of Divorce MediationDivorce mediation is an alternative that more and more divorcing couples are choosing as a tool to settle the terms of their divorce. Until the last several decades, the only option for couples who decided to divorce was to proceed through the courts. That process almost always required hiring expensive attorneys and waiting for long periods of time for their cases to be heard. Meanwhile, the costs incurred by divorcing couples rose because lawyers tend to be expensive. Fortunately, the courts have recognized the limitations of their own capacity to manage the number of divorces. The courts now encourage couples to try mediation first before litigation. In fact, in some states this is required. Lesa Koski has helped many couples who would otherwise languish in the courts or feel forced to remain in unhappy marriages.

Reduce The Cost of Divorce With Mediation

The first and most obvious benefit of a mediated divorce is the lower cost. In the vast majority of mediated divorces, couples work with one divorce mediator, rather than with multiple adversarial attorneys who often seek to maximize their financial reward. Couples who work with a qualified divorce mediator find that the mediator’s motivation is to help the couple identify and resolve the conflicts that led to their decision to seek divorce. Resolving conflicts serves as the principal motivation of most divorce mediators, and that focus is on balance less expensive than the motivation of “winning” a court case. Divorce mediation is cooperative and collaborative. Court-based divorce processes tend to be adversarial.

The focus on conflict resolution also builds greater efficiency into the divorce process, which also contributes to the lower cost of the overall process. A highly qualified divorce mediator like Lesa Koski will seek to find the best balance between thoroughly addressing each person’s concerns without prolonging the process unnecessarily. The laws of the state of Minnesota encourage the efficiency that exists in potential divorce mediation. This efficiency even applies to couples whose marriages are characterized by highly complex financial issues. In other words, divorce mediation is not simply a tool to be used by couples with simple financial relationships. Lesa Koski is capable of assisting couples with even the most complex circumstances.

Experienced Divorce Mediator in CA, MN & WI

Another benefit of divorce mediation is that it has received the full support of the courts. Working with a divorce mediator is every bit as legal and binding as the more familiar court-based divorce processes. Lesa Koski is one of the most highly respected and qualified divorce mediators available. Call us at (651) 214-5057 to schedule a time for a free consultation.