Individual Divorce SupportEvery divorce is entirely unique. You and your ex have a unique set of issues, concerns and circumstances that shaped your married relationship and that will also shape your divorce. Settling the terms of your divorce is also different for all couples. Depending on the dynamic in your relationship, individual divorce support might be an excellent resource for you. Lesa Koski is a trained and experienced divorce mediator in Woodbury, MN who also offers individual divorce support services. Lesa will help you find ways to minimize conflict and stay out of the courts while solving the terms of your divorce.

Woodbury Mediator Offering Individual Divorce Support

Mediation is most successful when both parties are invested in and committed to the process. However, there are some instances in which Individualized divorce support is necessary to move the process along. Individualized support may be used when the two parties are not yet thinking of the divorce or co-parenting in similar ways. Lesa Koski can help you strategize about specific communication styles that will be most effective when speaking with your former spouse. In addition, Lesa can help you develop strategies for managing your own emotions regarding your divorce. The process can be extremely difficult and complex and knowing that you have someone to bounce ideas off of can be enormously helpful.

When Lesa provides individual divorce support, you can expect her to give you 1:1 advice about how she thinks your case can move forward successfully, legal guidance about how other similar divorce cases in Minnesota have gone, information about the legal aspects of your case, support for the unique issues you face and support every step of the way as you navigate the process. Lesa brings mediation experience, a background in family law and excellent communication skills that she can lend to your case. Lesa understands that divorce is difficult and emotionally taxing, and she will work hard to help you find the peace that you are looking for so that you can finally move forward with your life.

Divorce Support Services in Woodbury

Lesa Koski’s individualized divorce support can help you develop strategies for solving complex problems related to your divorce, child custody, division of property and even spousal and/or child support. She will help you gain the confidence to manage the process in a positive and productive way. For more information about Lesa’s services, call 651-214-5057 or email