Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for MeLesa Koski is now able to offer professional virtual divorce mediation sessions for her clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Using advanced technology and her excellent communication skills, Lesa has transformed a traditional mediation session online, so that she can meet her clients needs if they are not comfortable or able to come into her office for an in-person mediation session. This flexible new option allows you to continue to move the divorce process forward without compromising on your safety or comfort level.

Should I Try Virtual Divorce Mediation?

Virtual divorce mediation is an option for anyone in the area who is looking to settle their divorce during this time. Divorce mediation is highly effective when completed virtually, especially when you partner with an experienced mediator like Lesa, who brings knowledge, compassion and clear communication to each of her cases. Virtual mediation is confidential, affordable, and available to you no matter your exact location, and it is ideal for couples who would prefer not to be in the same room. Physical distance can be preferable for some couples who are not on good terms. In addition, given the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual mediation sessions allow you to maintain social distancing to lower your risk of contracting the virus.

How Does a Virtual Mediation Session Work?

Similar to an in-person mediation session, you find a convenient time for your schedules. Lesa will then provide you with a user-friendly link to a free video conference and you login in during your scheduled time. You and your ex will both be in the session at the same time but from two different locations. Lesa will lead you through the divorce process virtually and help you settle the important terms of your divorce including division of property, child support payments, child custody and even spousal support. You can complete multiple virtual mediation sessions to reach resolution and even now file your divorce virtually in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Professional Divorce Mediation Services in MN

Lesa understands that this is an extremely stressful time and will work to help you navigate the divorce process thoughtfully so that you can move forward with your life. She believes that mediation is a powerful tool to help couples find ways to compromise and lay a positive foundation for co-parenting after divorce. If you would like more information about her virtual divorce mediation services, call her at 651-214-5057 or email