Local Woodbury MediatorLesa Koski is a Local Woodbury Mediator who offers a wide range of mediation services and does so with professionalism, expertise, integrity, and compassion for the individuals she works with. As a result of prioritizing the well-being of the people she serves, Lesa Koski has established herself as a trusted local mediator in Woodbury.

Trusted Minnesota Divorce Mediator

For a mediator to be successful in their work, he/she must do more than master the skills of mediation and have a command for the laws of Minnesota. Of equal importance is that she establishes herself in her community as a trusted source of knowledge and support in delivering expertise. Lesa Koski has done exactly that. She has spent years helping people through some of the most stressful and difficult times of their lives. Mediation, when practiced by a professional with the experience, knowledge, and compassion of Lesa Koski, is a powerful tool for resolving conflict, developing collaborative relationships in the midst of conflict, and preparing for the chapters of life that follow significant and often painful life experiences.

Divorce mediation is an alternative to court-based divorce proceedings that focuses on conflict resolution and is typically much less expensive than court-based divorces—is a large segment of mediation. It has many sub-categories, and Lesa Koski can provide assistance to you in each of them. Several of the more prominent aspects of divorce mediation are described below:

Support for Domestic Partners. Though domestic partners are not legally married, many of the same responsibilities that are associated with legal marriage are also associated with domestic partnerships. When domestic partners end their relationships, it is common for them to discover that they have legal, financial, and other responsibilities, many of which can benefit from the help of a qualified mediator.

Spousal Maintenance is the process of determining if one spouse is obligated to provide financial assistance to their former spouse following their divorce. As you can imagine, it is an area of divorce that can lead to intense disagreement and conflict. For that reason, having the assistance of a mediator like Lesa Koski can prove invaluable in helping to determine if spousal maintenance is forthcoming and, if so, the amount the spouse will receive.

Divorce Coaching is a service that is offered to only one party during a divorce. According to Minnesota law, divorce coaches may only work with one of the spouses. It is an irreplaceable service, especially when the conflict between spouses prevents communication and/or collaboration.

If you are in need of support leading up to your divorce, Lesa Koski is prepared to help you. Give her a call at (651) 214-5057 to set up an appointment.