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Partner Divorce Services in Woodbury Minnesota

Partner Divorce Services in Woodbury MinnesotaIf you and your partner have decided it is time to end your relationship with a divorce, you may be faced with intense emotions including anger, uncertainty and sadness. Divorce is widely regarded as one of the most stressful life events that you can go through. While there is nothing that can make it EASY, mediation is a tool that can be used to help you solve important issues… Read Full Post »

Hudson Divorce Mediation Services

Hudson Divorce Mediation ServicesIf you are heading toward a divorce and are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney and divorcing via the traditional court process, you should consider contacting Lesa Koski. Lesa offers divorce mediation services to couples in Hudson, WI, as an alternative to traditional litigation processes. Divorce mediation has gained popularity in large part because of its effectiveness and affordability. The mediation process tends to be significantly less expensive. Read Full Post »

Expert Elder Law Attorney in Minnesota

Expert Elder Law Attorney in MinnesotaIf you are getting older, or if you are caring for your parents or a loved one who is aging, Lesa Koski can be of great help as you prepare for the later stages of life. Lesa Koski is an expert elder law attorney in Minnesota. Lesa’s expertise extends to all of the main areas of elder law, including the following: Healthcare Directives, Medical Assistance, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning, Conservatorships, etc. Benefit from her experience with MN Elder Law.
Healthcare directives are also called living wills and serve as an individual’s specific wishes about what should be done in response to a wide range of health concerns if or when that individual is no longer able to make health-related… Read Full Post »

Domestic Partners Separation Services in Woodbury Minnesota

Domestic Partners Separation Services in Woodbury MinnesotaRelationships are difficult. Even couples who work very hard at staying together sometimes discover that it is in their best interests to separate. In such cases, domestic partner and/or unmarried partners may find themselves under greater stress because of the belief that the same kind of services offered to traditionally married couples are not offered to them. Lesa Koski wants to change that. Lesa works with domestic partners as well as married couples to separate in a way that is best for all involved. Regardless of who you are, or how you identify, or what adjectives are affixed to your relationship, if you and your partner have decided to separate and you need assistance… Read Full Post »

Conservatorship in Minnesota

Conservatorship in MinnesotaThe law in Minnesota related to conservatorships and guardianships can differ from similar laws in other states, which means that if you need to set up a conservatorship in Minnesota, it is important to work with an attorney who understands the law as it pertains to our state. Lesa Koski is an attorney with expertise in conservatorships and in the nuances of Minnesota law. Read Full Post »

Can I Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer?

Can I Get a Divorce Without a LawyerIf you have decided that it is time for you and your spouse to divorce, you may be wondering whether you are required to hire a lawyer to settle issues like division of property, child custody and spousal support payments. For example, you may have an amicable relationship with your spouse and anticipate a fairly straightforward divorce, or you may be looking for ways to save money during the divorce process. Read Full Post »

Attorney for Divorce

Attorney for DivorceSome life experiences—the death of a loved-one; the loss of a job; moving from one part of the country to another; a difficult or life-threatening illness—are understood to be significantly more stressful than day-to-day stress.  Divorce has a secure place among those most stressful life events.  If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, the next step is to identify an attorney who will represent your interests and provide you with the support Read Full Post »

Healthcare Directive Attorney Hudson

Healthcare Directive Attorney HudsonA healthcare directive can provide you and your family a sense of security, and Lesa Koski is a healthcare directive attorney who can provide further assurance that your healthcare directive meets your specific needs.  No one ever wants to have to use a healthcare directive, but life’s unpredictability means that it is in our best interests to plan for the unexpected.  When an unexpected health issue becomes reality Read Full Post »

Experienced Divorce Mediator Hudson Wisconsin

Leading Divorce Mediator, Hudson, WIThere are many misconceptions about divorce mediation. An experienced divorce mediator can help explain the process to you and your divorcing spouse in a clear and concise way so that you can successfully navigate it. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator with more than two decades of experience serving couples in the Hudson, Wisconsin area. Lesa understands how difficult divorce can be and will work to help you and your family find peace and a way forward. Read Full Post »

Finding the Right Divorce Mediation Services

experienced-divorce-mediator-hudson-wisconsinFinding the right divorce mediator is a lot like finding the right new car or the right outfit for an important event.  The fit has to be right, the features have to compliment you, and you have to feel confident about the choice you are about to make. Lesa Koski understands that divorce is an extremely stressful time in your life—few life experiences are as stressful as divorce—and as a result Lesa has worked hard to demonstrate her natural empathy Read Full Post »