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Minnesota Divorce Mediator

Minnesota Divorce MediatorChoosing the right divorce mediator to help you navigate the difficult and complex of separating your married life can be overwhelming. There are many choices in Minnesota and because divorce is something that you only do once in your life, you cannot really be prepared for how best to make the big decisions. Lesa Koski has spent nearly two decades as a Minnesota Divorce Mediator working with couples and families on issues of family and elder law. Read Full Post »

Divorce Mediator or Family Lawyer in MN

Divorce Mediator or Family Lawyer MNIf you and your spouse have made the very difficult decision to divorce, you may now turn your attention to the best way to navigate the divorce process. The best path may be different for different couples. Each divorce is unique, and each family is unique. You can choose to resolve the important issues in your divorce using the divorce mediation process or more traditional litigation. The Minnesota court system actually encourages all couples to try mediation first… Read Full Post »

Reduce the Pain & Stress of your Divorce

Reduce the Pain & Stress of your MN DivorceDivorce is widely regarded as one of the most stressful of all life events, in line with the death of a loved one, the loss of a job and relocating. This stress of divorce can weigh heavily on every member of your family, including your children. You may find yourself feeling sad, angry, resentful, lonely, anxious and overwhelmed, which can make it very difficult to see a way forward. Partnering with a divorce mediator to settle your divorce can reduce the overall stress… Read Full Post »

Qualified Minnesota Mediator

Qualified Minnesota MediatorMinnesota now strongly encourages couples seeking a divorce to attempt an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) technique before beginning the litigation process. There are many different reasons for this. First, the court system is backed up and simply cannot manage all of the divorce and civil cases that need to be heard. In addition, there are many important benefits to mediation that cannot be understated. Read Full Post »

Qualified Family & Civil Mediator

Qualified Family & Civil MediatorLesa Koski is a highly qualified Family & Civil Mediator in Woodbury, MN. When life throws legal challenges at us, it is important to know that you have someone you can count on to provide expert guidance and knowledge of applicable state laws. Family matters that require legal attention are especially complex and sensitive. Civil disputes occur between two non-family members. As your mediator, Lesa Koski can help resolve family and civil issues with less stress and difficulty than a court battle. Read Full Post »

To Mediate with or without a Lawyer

To Mediate with or without a LawyerIf you have made the difficult decision to divorce and you and your spouse have decided to pursue mediation to settle important issues like division of property, child custody and spousal maintenance, you may have questions about the process. Specifically, you may be wondering if you need to hire a lawyer to represent you during the mediation. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator and a family lawyer based in Minnesota who has helped many local couples navigate a divorce. She has the training and experience to support you as a lawyer or a mediator, so you may want to think about what function you need. Read Full Post »

Woodbury Mediator

Woodbury MediatorLesa Koski is a Woodbury Mediator who has earned a reputation for helping her clients find workable solutions to problems that, prior to mediation, seem impossible to solve. Mediation is a better solution for many conflicts involving family members, including married couples who might otherwise proceed through the court system to finalize the terms of their divorce. The court system is designed to be more adversarial, as is evidenced by the prominence of lawyers who represent one party versus another in divorce cases. Read Full Post »

Family Law Mediator in Woodbury, MN

Family Law Mediator in Woodbury, MNLegal issues that come up within a family are especially sensitive in nature, because there is a longstanding relationship between the parties and in many cases, a personal connection well after a dispute is resolved. Family law mediation is a way to resolve these types of issues without escalating them to the court. Lesa Koski is a family law mediator in Woodbury, MN, who can help you and your family solve many difficult and complex issues… Read Full Post »

Minnesota Civil Mediator

Minnesota Civil MediatorLesa Koski is a trusted and experienced Minnesota Civil Mediator. She helps parties with a dispute resolve it without going to court. Dating back to the days before she earned her law degree, Lesa proved herself a willing ear for friends in need of emotional, psychological, and practical help. So eventually becoming a Minnesota civil mediator was part of a logical progression in her life. Disputes that rise to the level of needing mediation or legal assistance can be difficult, stressful, and a challenging time of your lives. If their experience is exacerbated by the traditional court system, working with adversarial attorneys who are more interested in winning a case than finding viable solutions for everyone who is affected by the conflict, the stress of the situation only gets worse. Read Full Post »

Solve Disputes without going to Court in Minnesota

Solve Disputes without going to Court in MinnesotaThe court system is not built to settle every single legal dispute that arises between two parties. Attorneys’ schedules and court room schedules are booked out months in advance, which can make an already contentious situation even worse. Mediation is a fast and highly effective way to solve disputes without going to court in Minnesota. The courts actually encourage individuals to seek an alternative dispute resolution before proceeding through the traditional court process. Read Full Post »