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Divorce Mediator or Divorce Lawyer | How to Choose

Divorce Mediator or Divorce Lawyer | How to ChooseIf you have decided to pursue a divorce, you may be gathering information about the divorce process and have questions about whether you should work with a divorce mediator or a divorce lawyer to settle the important issues like division of property and child custody. Making this choice can be difficult because you likely have little experience with the process and may not be able to accurately predict how your case will go. Lesa Koski is a professional divorce mediator AND a divorce lawyer and can help decide how to choose which path to pursue. Read Full Post »

Mediation vs Litigation

Mediation vs LitigationWithin the enormous framework of the rule of law are two concepts that occasionally compete with one another, but most often actually complement each other. Those two concepts are litigation and mediation. Both are extremely important aspects of the rule of law, both serve important purposes, and there are occasions when one is the more appropriate and preferable approach than the other. Both are means of settling legal matters, but there are some important differences and similarities between them, described below. Lesa Koski is trained in Minnesota law and mediation so can lend her expertise to you for either purpose. Read Full Post »

5 Benefits of Civil Mediation over a Court Battle

5 Benefits of Civil Mediation over a Court BattleThere are many benefits to civil mediation over a court battle to settle a conflict. Lesa Koski is a trained civil mediator that can guide you through the mediation process from start to finish, lending her strong communication skills and ability to help individuals compromise to your situation. There are many advantages to civil mediation over courtroom processes, and one additional one we will provide here is Lesa Koski herself. Lesa is an expert mediator who understands the full range of advantages that civil mediation has over courtroom battles, and she has put her expertise to use for many clients. Read Full Post »

Woodbury Civil Mediation

Woodbury Civil MediationLesa Koski has been a Woodbury Civil Mediator for more than a decade. If you are involved in a civil mediation case, having help from someone with Lesa Koski’s qualifications gives you the best chance of resolving the dispute you are involved in a fair and equitable way. What Is Civil Law? In most civil mediation cases, one person has a conflict with another person or perhaps with a business or other entity. Civil mediation is separate from family law and criminal law. It is an effective means of settling disputes that occur between you and another party. Read Full Post »

Stillwater Mediator

Stillwater Mediator There are certain truths about divorce that are so well known that they probably do not need to be repeated: Divorce is hard. Divorce is sad. Divorce is stressful. Divorce is painful. And even, despite knowing that divorcing my spouse is the right thing to do, I still have second thoughts. Lesa Koski, an experienced Stillwater mediator, understands that every person who goes through a divorce experiences pain, vulnerability, anger, sadness and uncertainty. Her extensive knowledge about the wide-ranging experience of divorce—from the emotional to the psychological to the financial to the professional and beyond—allows her to offer you a unique combination of human support and professional assistance in her mediation services. Read Full Post »

Civil Mediation in MN

Civil Mediation in MNLesa Koski is a certified civil mediator in MN who can help you resolve a legal issue that has come up between you and another person or a company so that you do not have to go to court. Lesa acts as a neutral third party and will facilitate a positive and productive discussion about the issues at hand and will create a forum where compromise and open dialogue can be reached. Lesa specializes in Civil Mediation in MN, because she genuinely wants to help people find solutions to the issues they are struggling with. There are many benefits to using civil mediation. Read Full Post »

Mediation vs Arbitration

Mediation vs ArbitrationMediation and Arbitration are both ways to settle conflict without having to battle in the court system (also called litigation). Lesa Koski discusses Mediation vs. Arbitration with clients. Both processes allow you to avoid litigation, meaning you can settle your case more quickly and with less of a financial investment. However, there are significant differences between the two – and you should understand these differences as you decide how to move your case forward successfully. Both arbitration and mediation are considered alternative dispute resolution techniques (ADR). Read Full Post »

Woodbury Divorce and Family Law

Woodbury Divorce and Family LawFor some families, divorce is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever go through. Conflict is high, big changes are on the horizon, and you and your family are emotionally raw from months (or sometimes years) of struggling. If you are looking for a way to settle your divorce with less stress, Lesa Koski can help. Lesa specializes in Woodbury Divorce and Family Law and brings a solution-driven, calm and compassionate approach to the divorce process. Read Full Post »

Divorce Coaching in Woodbury MN

Divorce Coaching in Woodbury MNIt is well known that getting divorced is a major source of life stress. Its impact on many people who go through divorce is similar to experiencing a death in the family, a catastrophic illness, the loss of a job, or moving to a new part of the country without a built-in support network. Divorce can be, and often is, extremely hard. But just as each of the major sources of stress listed above can be lessened with various strategies, so too can the stress of divorce. Read Full Post »

Family Law Services in Woodbury MN

Family Law Services in Woodbury MNWhen you think about the most important things in the world to you – one thing likely comes to mind quickly- your family. Whether it is a spouse, your children, parents, siblings or even extended family, for many of us, family is the fabric of our life. However, family dynamics are not always simple or easy. Family law is designed to help families navigate legal issues that come up including divorce, adoption, custody, child support and even elder care. Lesa Koski offers family law services in Woodbury, MN. She has devoted her career to helping families navigate difficult and complex legal issues related to family and domestic relations. Read Full Post »