Mediation Services in 2021A new year fills us with the promise of hope. Especially after a rough 2020, many of us are looking forward to a clean slate, the end of fellow Americans suffering from COVID-19, the end of restrictions from the pandemic, and a potential return to normal life. Others may see the promise of 2021 as a time to finally make some much needed life changes as well. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator serving those in Minnesota and Wisconsin and can help you navigate issues like divorce and problems that may come up between unmarried parents and/or domestic partners.

Mediation Over Litigation

Mediation is a highly effective tool for handling many different types of issues, including issues that are full of conflict. Lesa Koski specializes in helping families deal with the difficult issues they face and come through stronger and more confident about their decisions. If you have decided to end your marriage, divorce mediation allows you to make decisions about child custody, how to divide up your joint property and whether or not you need to factor in spousal support or child support in your settlement. You can make all of these decisions without attorneys and without a lengthy (and costly) court battle.

If you or a loved one are navigating issues related to elder care, Lesa also has extensive experience with elder care mediation as well. She can help you with medical assistance planning, assigning a power of attorney, simple estate planning, drafting health care directives, and making plans for conservatorships and/or guardianships. These issues can be emotional for families, but Lesa can guide you through the process and keep it simple and understandable. She will work to really get to know you and your family and be available to offer support, answer questions and just listen. She has helped many local families navigate elder care issues with less stress and conflict.

Experienced Mediator in Minnesota And Wisconsin

Lesa Koski brings excellent communication skills and the ability to build trust to each of her mediation sessions. She understands that it may be tough to take this step, but she will empower you to take the leap. She is caring, compassionate and competent and an excellent fit for families who are ready to move forward with their lives. For more information about starting 2021 in a positive and productive way, call Lesa Koski at 651-214-5057 or email