Unmarried Parents & Domestic Partners Mediation

Domestic Partners Mediation ServicesCouples who are unmarried and those in domestic partnerships may feel that their circumstances are different when they separate. But for those who have spent years together, built a life, have children, acquired property, and/or established a business, this is not so. There is still stress involved during these separations, and mediation can help alleviate this. I work with couples who are unmarried, mediating their separation so that their stress can be relieved and they can move on with their lives. If the time has come for you to finally have peace, but there is still the matter of physical property to be resolved, or children, custody and parenting time, give me a call and we can meet and discuss mediation.

A third ear can view a situation objectively, and that’s the purpose of mediation. I am here to help couples and parents, married or unmarried, work through their differences so that they can avoid litigation, reduce their stress, and save money. Peace is the goal.

My hope is to help you feel empowered and calm. A separation can feel shocking, and the process of mediation can help relieve this shock and help you feel calm. Trust is very important. Working with a mediator whom you feel you can trust makes a world of difference. When you meet with me, I believe this trust will be evident. And you can feel relaxed. This is the desire of every mediator, and I am no different. You deserve relief, and that’s what I’m here for.

Mediation for Unmarried Parents

When unmarried parents decide to separate, mediation is the most stress-free and cost-effective form of deciding parenting issues. I can help you settle on a parenting plan, decide a custody plan, and determine support questions and answers. A situation may not be ideal, but compromise is at the heart of every mediation process. Mediation and compromise help parents establish the best situation possible for their children so that they can grow up with a plan and countless positive possibilities for their future.

Mediation for Domestic Partnerships

While the law has specific guidelines and provides support for married couples, the same cannot be said for domestic partnerships. This does not mean, however, that the situation is drastically different. A mediator is still important to help facilitate communication so that both parties can keep the separation process out of the courts and resolve problems amicably. If you are in a domestic partnership and your acquired property has become a subject of question, consider consulting a mediator such as myself so that you can move on with your life, a feeling of peace and calm filling your life.

Experienced Separation Mediator

I have been mediating all my life, regardless of my career title. I feel that communication is very important and that most, if not all, problems come from a lack of, or breakdown of communication. A journalism degree from St. Thomas has helped my become an even better communicator, while a Master’s in Health and Human Services has helped bring out my compassion. And as an attorney, I have the legal background necessary to complete all required paperwork so that your individual lawyers need to do nothing more than file. I understand the court process and can help you achieve the peace you are searching for.

In my younger days, I was always looking for creative and constructive ways to help people work through their issues. Friends would consult me when they needed advice. Family members sought out my opinion because they said I listened and would thoroughly contemplate their situations. It’s only natural for me to be in this role. And I love helping people. Give me a call to set up a meeting and I’m sure you’ll see that I want nothing more than to help you get the relief and empowerment you deserve.

My office is located in Bayport, and I am here to help unmarried couple from around the area move on with their lives. With my office and peaceful conference room overlooking the St. Croix River, I primarily serve couples in the east Twin Cities metro and western Wisconsin, St. Croix County and Washington County, as well as the specific cities of Afton, Hudson, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Maplewood, North St. Paul, Oakdale, Stillwater, St. Croix Valley, St. Paul, and Woodbury.