Mediation vs The Judge in a DivorceDivorce is widely known as one of the most difficult times in life. It is characterized by intense change, conflict, pain and stress. One thing that many couples do not realize as they begin the divorce process is that there are ways to minimize the emotional and financial pain of a divorce. Mediation is a highly effective way to settle the terms of your divorce without costly litigation that can drag out the process, causing even more pain and difficulty. Lesa Koski specializes in providing professional and compassionate divorce mediation services for couples in the Minnesota area. Working with Lesa can help you find your way through the stressful process so that you can look forward to your future.

Divorce Mediation or Litigation?

When you decide to use mediation to settle the important terms of your divorce like dividing your joint property and assets, deciding how the custody of your children should be structured and whether you or your spouse needs regular spousal or child support payments. Instead of leaving these decisions to a judge who does not know you and your situation personally, YOU get to make these decisions for you and your family.

Lesa Koski uses her experience, training and strong communication skills to facilitate mediation sessions that focus on positive and productive outcomes for all. Lesa believes that when you are empowered to make the major decisions related to your divorce, you can actually relieve much of the stress associated with the process. No one knows your personal situation better than you – no judge or attorney can possibly understand your family dynamics like you. Giving mediation with Lesa Koski may be just what you need to move forward with your life.

Experienced Minnesota Divorce Mediator

In addition, it is common to need a mediator even after your divorce is final. Issues can come up related to custody agreements and visitation schedules as your children age. It is much easier to use mediation to resolve these issues, than to head back to court. Lesa Koski specializes in divorce mediation as well as post-divorce mediation.

So, as you decide how to navigate your divorce – remember that mediation offers you a way forward without emotional and financial stress. Mediation is simple, affordable and takes far less time than a court battle. There is simply no need to leave your fate in the hands of a judge when you can settle all aspects of your divorce with the help of Lesa Koski. For more information about divorce mediation services in Minnesota, call Lesa Koski at 651-214-5057.