StillwaterIf you and your spouse have decided that divorce is the your path forward, you likely have many questions and concerns about how you and your family will navigate the process and move ahead in a healthy way. It is a myth that a divorce has to be contentious, filled with conflict and bitter battles. You can choose a different path for your divorce, one that can resolve the difficult feelings of your marriage and that helps you and your family heal. Lesa Koski is a family and divorce mediator serving the Woodbury, MN area, who can help you and your divorcing spouse settle all of the difficult and unique issues in your divorce.

The three main issues that are involved in a divorce settlement include:

1. Child custody: Sharing custody is the most common way that couples settle the issue of child custody. Lesa Koski can help you develop a parenting plan that works for you, your soon to be ex-spouse as well as your children. If you have specific concerns or specific needs, mediation is the ideal forum for these issues to be discussed and resolved.

2. Division of property, assets and debts: Lesa can help you review all of the property and assets in your marriage and come up with a fair and equitable way of dividing it, so that both you and your divorcing spouse are allowed to keep the things that are most important to you. Lesa can help you prioritize and compromise.

3. Negotiation of child and/or spousal support payments: Child and spousal support payments are a very emotionally charged issue that can elicit dramatic differences of opinion. Lesa can facilitate positive and productive conversation about a reasonable plan for child and/or spousal support plan. She also has extensive knowledge of Minnesota law and uses this to ensure that the resolution will be one that is accepted by the courts.

Divorce Mediation Services Woodbury MN

Lesa Koski understands that divorce is a difficult time and that you likely find yourself in a place you never thought you would be. Rather than face a nasty court battle, mediation allows you to settle the important aspects of your divorce with less conflict. Mediation is also less expensive and takes less time that proceeding through the court system. Many of Lesa’s clients even find that the divorce process was easier than they expected. For more information about Lesa Koski’s divorce mediation services, call her directly at 651-214-5057.