Mediator For Unmarried Parents and Domestic PartnersThere are many reasons why couples decide not to get married, and this includes couples who have been together for many years or even decades. For some, the idea of marriage is an antiquated notion and for others it is an unnecessary complication to a relationship that is working fine without the legalities. This choice is very personal and, of course, just as valid as the choice to marry for other couples. Lesa Koski respects these personal choices and can help you navigate legal issues regardless of your situation. Lesa understands that the choice not to marry is not free of responsibilities, complications, and difficulties. The choice not to get married does not guarantee that your relationship will not change in the future. The process of mediation can all be done online as well.

Family Mediation Services

Lesa Koski is an expert in family law and civil mediation and can help you if you and your unmarried partner have decided to separate or change the nature of your relationship. If you and your partner have children, you have an obvious reason to seek our help. For legally married parents and unmarried parents, children deserve the best possible efforts of their parents when the relationship reaches a turning point. That is because children are connected to their family members, not to their parents’ marriage licenses. To most children, it does not matter if their parents have a marriage license. Children respond to the people in their homes, not to the legal processes that are present or absent as descriptors of the parental relationship.

So, when unmarried parents and domestic partners decide to go their own ways, care must be taken to ensure that the children who will be affected by the change are given due consideration. Lesa Koski can help you devise a Parenting Plan that addresses the specific needs of your children and allows you and your partner to move on with your lives with the confidence that your children are taken care of.

Experienced Mediator In Western WI And Eastern MN

Not all unmarried couples and domestic partners have children, but many still need help in mediating the changes occurring in their relationships. Over time, unmarried couples and domestic partners can accumulate shared possessions. Those possessions can range from furniture and pets to investments and property. The law requires that married couples follow prescribed paths when they decide to divorce, and those requirements are largely designed to help them. Unmarried couples do not have the same degree of preexisting help. This is why services like ours are so important. Call Lesa at (651) 214-5057 to discuss her family mediation services.