Minnesota Civil MediatorLesa Koski is a trusted and experienced Minnesota Civil Mediator. She helps parties with a dispute resolve it without going to court. Dating back to the days before she earned her law degree, Lesa proved herself a willing ear for friends in need of emotional, psychological, and practical help. So eventually becoming a Minnesota civil mediator was part of a logical progression in her life. Disputes that rise to the level of needing mediation or legal assistance can be difficult, stressful, and a challenging time of your lives. If their experience is exacerbated by the traditional court system, working with adversarial attorneys who are more interested in winning a case than finding viable solutions for everyone who is affected by the conflict, the stress of the situation only gets worse.

Benefits of Civil Mediation Over Litigation

But working with a civil mediator like Lesa Koski can have the opposite effect. Rather than finding that your stress increases throughout the mediation process, the solutions-oriented approach that Lesa employs can help you see that resolution can be amicable and even productive. Civil mediation can help you resolve issues such as personal injury, business disputes, small claims disputes, child custody and divorce. Lesa uses her strong communication skills, and her ability to help others compromise to help you find the common ground you need to reach a solution. Civil mediation is less expensive than litigation and empowers both parties to engage in the solution in a way that promotes real success. Mediation also takes a fraction of the time of a court battle, which reduces the overall stress imposed by the process.

Well over a decade ago, Lesa received her law credentials and has been practicing as a civil mediator ever since. It has proven to be an ideal setting in which to exhibit her primary skills of empathy, compassion, and pragmatism and her knowledge of Minnesota law. Some professionals rely too heavily on their credentials and lack the emotional intelligence to truly connect with their clients. Consequently, their clients tend to find something lacking in those mediators. It can also be true that some mediators are too focused on the psychological and emotional impact of the mediation process, but lack the professional expertise needed to work through the legal issues involved in their case. Lesa Koski has the ideal balance of both. She is a kind, caring, and insightful person with a helpful nature and also a highly qualified professional with deep knowledge of Minnesota law.

Experienced Civil Mediator in Minnesota By Your Side

Your personal circumstances are too important to be entrusted to someone who has anything less than the ideal combination of personal compassion and professional experience. To schedule time with Lesa, call her today at (651) 214-5057.