Online Mediation In CaliforniaOnline Zoom Mediation is an excellent way to solve problems when two parties are in conflict about how to resolve a divorce issue. These issues may range from marital issues, custody, spousal support payments and even issues related to your childrens school. During the last year, it has become an even more important and effective method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for those trying to move forward during this stressful time.

Covid-19 Has Caused Significant Court Delays

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant scheduling issues and delays in the court system, so it is logical that the need for virtual mediation services is on the rise. Virtual mediation eliminates the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as all parties can remain in their own, comfortable space. This allows for a more relaxed environment where more can be accomplished. Virtual mediation means less distraction, and in many cases an easier time finding common ground and compromise. In addition, scheduling is much easier with virtual mediation as you do not have to rely on the calendars of lawyers, a judge and a courtroom. You can save yourself time (no commute time) and money as well, which is another added bonus to mediation.

Benefits of Mediation During The Pandemic

Minnesota courts recommended mediation long before the pandemic, but it is likely that the movement toward virtual mediation services will last long after COVID. Lesa Koski has adapted her mediation practice to offering virtual services when requested. Lesa brings a really unique ability to connect with her client(s) so as to make some of the awkwardness of mediation a bit easier and more comfortable. Lesa conducts mediation sessions virtually just like she would an in-person session. She is compassionate, builds trust quickly, can help you determine your priorities and your goals, and she can help you find common ground about the issue you are struggling with. Lesa has met this moment in her practice and can meet your mediation needs. Virtual mediation allows Lesa to reach a larger number of people all over California as it reduces all drive time!

Experienced Virtual Mediator Serving California

If you are trying to solve an issue related to divorce, custody or finacial , there is no need to proceed through the court system right now and no need to wait until after the pandemic passes. Lesa serves divorcing couples in California. Just give her a call at 651-214-5057 or email to learn more about virtual mediation services.