Parenting MediatorLesa Koski Mediation of Woodbury, MN, can help you and your marriage partner resolve the difficult issues surrounding co-parenting and child custody during and following a divorce.  Lesa provides personalized co-parenting support during the entire divorce process and will work to reduce the pain and stress involved.  If you are divorcing and have children, you realize that they will inevitably be affected by the realities associated with your divorce.  Lesa Koski is a highly trained Parenting Mediator (and a mediation expert), and she has the depth of experience to help you and your divorcing spouse work through differences in a way that can make the process of divorcing seem easier and the path to your future seem more clear.

Effective Parenting Mediation

Effective parenting mediation can make the divorce process easier and less stressful. Most people who have been through a divorce know that it was among the most painful and difficult experiences of their lives.  But we have also learned a lot from living in a culture in which divorce occurs so frequently.  Expert mediators like Lesa Koski exist precisely because our society has recognized the need to address the pain and difficulty that so often characterizes divorce.  Lesa Koski understands the nature of that pain and difficulty, and has built her mediation practice on the specific strategies of good, honest, forthright mediation, all of which can reduce, if not eliminate, the pain and difficulty of the divorce process.  She focuses on helping the divorcing couple resolve issues around parenting for the good of the entire family.

Co-Parenting Support Woodbury MN

One strategy employed by Lesa Koski is to sit down with both members of the divorcing couple during an introductory consultation at the same time.  Some people may be tempted to respond to that possibility with reluctance—after all, the decision to get a divorce from the other person is due to the pain and difficulty of sharing time and space with that person.  But the employment of that strategy by Lesa Koski helps to demonstrate the importance of honest, open and forthright communication about the issues that need to be resolved between the members of the divorcing couple.  This initial conversation can help build trust, so that compromise can be found.

Mediation works best when the people involved understand and trust that the mediator is working to help them achieve the best possible outcome for all people who are affected by the conflict(s) in question.  Lesa Koski’s approach to Parenting Mediation, therefore, offers a supportive environment that helps you and your ex-spouse look forward, not back, empowering you to overcome personal animosities for the purpose of generating the best possible results for the sake of the children affected by your divorce.  For more information about the mediation services offered by Lesa Koski Mediation, call (651) 214-5057.