Post-Divorce Mediation Lesa Koski is a Post-divorce mediation expert who wants her clients to understand and be prepared for every possibility related to the divorce process. She will spend time and effort helping her clients understand everything from the mechanics of divorce mediation to its relationship with traditional court-based divorce processes to the emotional and psychological processes that typically accompany the divorce process. Just about any divorce mediator will be able to address and explain the structures, laws, and guidelines that define much of the divorce process, but it is the rare divorce mediator who can help her clients feel better about the less predictable emotional and psychological experiences of divorce.

Resolving Conflict After Divorce

Divorced couples are often blindsided by issues and conflicts that arise after the ink on their divorce papers is dry. If you convinced yourself that, with the end of the divorce, there would be no conflict, the presence of new conflict can be extremely upsetting. This is exactly why Lesa Koski offers post-divorce mediation services to her clients. It is often said that divorce ends a marriage, but it almost never ends the relationship. Many factors can create a need for ongoing communication between divorced partners—these could include complicated financial matters, the unethical or threatening behavior of one of the divorced partners, child-custody issues, and many others.

The list is likely endless because conflict can arise because of so many circumstances. If the conflict you are experiencing with your former spouse relates to anything associated with your marriage or divorce process, you should know that you have a resource in Lesa Koski to help you through it. This is especially important if the issue between you and your former spouse relates to your children. Not all issues that exist between divorced parents present them with difficulty, but resolution may still be needed. The issue could be something as simple as an adjustment to a visitation schedule or the need to alter the agreement because of a change in employment status for one of the parents.

Post Divorce Mediator in MN and WI

Very often issues that are solved in post-divorce mediation do not stir up conflict. Some divorced couples, however, are not so fortunate. For these divorced couples, mediation is needed in a more acute way. If the conflict has reached a point that is no longer manageable, we recommend that you seek help. If you have worked with Lesa Koski before, you know that she is committed to helping you not just with your divorce, but moving forward with your life. Call Lesa directly at (651) 214-5057 to schedule a time for a free consultation.