Post-Divorce Mediation in 2021Divorce Mediation has gained a great deal of momentum in recent years, and for good reasons. It is a viable and much simpler alternative to conventional divorce processes, namely those that take place in a courtroom, presided over by a judge, and administered by expensive attorneys. That means that divorce mediation is also much more economical for those who seek it. Because divorcing couples work with one divorce mediator who is committed to helping the couple find solutions to problems and resolution of disagreements, those couples usually pay only a fraction of what couples divorcing through the court system will pay.

Resolving Issues After Divorce

A less well-known aspect of divorce mediation, but one that is also gaining momentum, is post-divorce mediation. It is a fairly well-established fact that divorce ends the legal aspect of a marriage, but it rarely if ever truly ends the relationship between the divorcing partners. This is especially true when the divorcing couple has children. The love that parents have for their children ups the ante, making conflict feel more intense and stressful. Post-divorce mediation can help divorced parents reach acceptable resolution to persistent issues, such as visitation schedules, changes in each parent’s relationship status, blending families, and so many others. Now that post-divorce mediation is becoming better known, more divorced couples are using this service. Lesa Koski is among the best divorce mediators available in Minnesota, and she also offers post-divorce mediation.

Developing a Healthy Relationship After Your Divorce is Final

Of course, not all issues that crop up after a divorce has been finalized are of a highly charged nature. There are times when divorced couples, who now get along better than when they were married, need an impartial third party to offer a new perspective on a problem. Believe it or not, divorced couples sometimes seek the help of an impartial third party to help them find a solution to an issue on which they agree. In other words, divorce mediation can sometimes help a former couple become highly effective parenting partners. But there are also occasions when, for example, that former couple may have questions about how to address a behavioral concern with a child. In many cases an impartial third party is exactly what is most helpful.

Lesa Koski is a highly experienced and equally effective, compassionate divorce mediator. Whatever issues you and your former spouse may be experiencing, Lesa can help you. If you would like more information, contact us at (651) 214-5057 to schedule a free consultation.