Divorce MediationWhen you are in the midst of a divorce, it is very difficult to look ahead and see how your life will unfold once the divorce is final. You may be able to imagine and looking forward to living separately and getting away from negative and even unhealthy habits that have formed in this relationship. But, many couples who are in the midst of divorce have difficulty imagining how they will interact post-divorce. The fact is, however, that a divorce, in many cases, is the beginning of an entirely new phase of a relationship. While you may no longer live together, you may always be connected by children, or other familial relationships. Lesa Koski is a Minnesota family lawyer that offers comprehensive mediation services, including the very important post-divorce mediation.

Navigating Problems After A Divorce, MN

Navigating problems that come up after divorce can be difficult and the court system is simply not set up to be able to settle each and every issue that comes up after a divorce. Post-divorce mediation is ideal for resolving such issues as changing custody needs over time, monetary issues/problems that are not anticipated at the time the divorce is settled, and decisions surrounding issues such as education, religion and health care. It is simply impossible to anticipate every single issue that will come up after a divorce, but mediation offers a safe, constructive environment to make decisions and to find common ground.

Lesa Koski became interested in mediation during law school and now has built a career in helping families get through divorce and find their way forward in a positive way. Lesa works to help parties find creative solutions to difficult problems. She will work to simplify the sometimes complex and tedious process and help you and your ex-spouse find solutions that will work for you both. Post-divorce mediation can help divorced couples manage co-parenting difficulties, an unexpected major life event, a potential relocation or other complicated disagreements. Lesa will serve as a neutral third party to facilitate a productive discussion that can help resolve unique issues.

Post-Divorce Support

Each couple is different, each situation is different and Lesa thrives on helping Minnesota families solve problems in a way that works for their specific situation. Lesa’s office is located in Stillwater, MN and she is always happy to answer questions about divorce mediation or post-divorce mediation. Call (651) 214-5057 for more information.