Divorce MediationOnce a divorce is finalized, both parties enter an entirely new phase of life, with separate homes, a new schedule and a new future. If children are involved, the entire family also has to adjust to shared custody and seeing each other less often. With all of these changes and a new path forward, questions and issues arise that you could not predict in the divorce settlement. Divorce mediation is a highly effective tool for managing the wide variety of issues and problems that come up after a divorce is finalized. Lesa Koski is an experienced mediator who specializes in post-divorce mediation for couples in the Eastern MN and Western WI area. Lesa strives to earn the trust of both parties in each case so that mediation can be successful.

Solving Issues After A Divorce

Issues that are often resolved in post-divorce mediation sessions often involve changes in circumstances or finances. Some common issues include:

● Remarriage
● Custody
● Issues surrounding a pending move/relocation
● Questions about how tuition, medical expenses or extracurricular activities will be paid for
● Concerns over relationship with a step-parent
● Co-parenting concerns

As a mediator, Lesa Koski will help facilitate discussion about these issues that is both positive and productive. She understands that these conversations may stir up emotions from the past and communication patterns that may not have been healthy or productive for either side. She will work with you to listen to the other parent, put your children’s needs first and find ways to compromise. She will not choose sides or make decisions, but will help you work through differences of opinion and empower you and your ex-spouse to find solutions so that you can get back to your new life.

Benefits Of Post-Divorce Mediation

The traditional court system is simply not built to help divorced couples navigate problems after a divorce is settled, so mediation has become a popular option for settling post-divorce issues in quickly and easily, without spending money on lawyers and weeks or months of time in a courtroom.

For more information about the post-divorce mediation services offered by Lesa Koski for those living in the Eastern MN and Western WI area, call her directly at 651-214-5057. With a law degree and more than a decade of experience as a mediator, Lesa will use her excellent and clear communication skills and her empathy to help you and your ex-spouse find solutions so that you can move forward with your life.