Post-Divorce MediatorWhen you are headed into a divorce, it is easy to think that once the divorce itself is finalized, your connection with your former spouse will end and your painful past will be a distant memory. For couples who share children, however, life after divorce is not that simple. In fact, divorce can be seen as simply the beginning of a new phase of your relationship with your ex. You may no longer live under the same roof, but you will still need to co-parent in a positive way for the sake of your children. Lesa Koski is a post-divorce mediator in Woodbury, Minnesota who helps couples who have divorced work together to solve problems even after their divorce is final.

Will I Need Post-Divorce Mediation?

As your children grow and more time passes after your divorce, things change. Your children’s needs and preferences may change prompting the need for amendments to your child custody agreement and/or parenting plan, your financial situation may change because of a new job, lost job or relocation, or you or your spouse may remarry changing the family dynamic even further. These are just a few examples of the big changes that can characterize life after divorce. This is where post-divorce mediation can be extremely helpful. Rather than go through the court system each time something changes in your life that impacts the details of your divorce settlement, you can simply work with a skilled and experienced mediator like Lesa Koski, to resolve these issues and move forward. Post-divorce mediation focuses on cooperation and collaboration, and is solutions-based, so it can result in calm rather than conflict while saving you time, money and emotional distress.

One other important benefit of post-divorce mediation is that you can continue to have accountability in the relationship without having to go through the intense and expensive court process every time you encounter an issue with your ex. In addition, the courts are simply not set up to be able to efficiently litigate each and every problem that comes up after a divorce is final, so post-divorce mediation is an ideal solution for the vast majority of issues that you will face after your divorce is final.

Experienced Woodbury Divorce Mediator

Lesa Koski is a trusted mediator in Woodbury, MN who understands the complexity of divorce and has devoted her career to helping families navigate complicated issues with less stress and conflict. If you have settled the terms of your divorce but find that issues are coming up that you need help managing, she would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Call Lesa directly at 651-214-5057.