Post-Divorce SupportLesa Koski understands that issues come up for families after divorce and she offers post-divorce support services in Woodbury, Minnesota. The temptation for many who have finalized a divorce is to think that the feelings, conflict, and even sometimes the legalities of divorce should come to an end when the ink on the divorce papers dries. However, it is important to remember that, while divorce ends the legal aspects of a marriage, many strong connections remain in a relationship that can last much longer.

Managing Transitions after Divorce

Couples who find that they need support after a divorce have a variety of needs.  Some find that it feels like a hole has been left in their life after their divorce and they have a hard time adjusting to life without the person they were married to. This is a very common feeling, and a natural one too.  We become accustomed to the energy of a spouse, and even if that energy grows to be predominantly negative, we miss it when it is gone. Lesa Koski is a highly skilled mediator and divorce lawyer, and the skills that define her professional life were preceded by an empathetic nature and the natural skills of a counselor. She combines exceptional listening skills, compassionate communication and a keen knowledge of Minnesota divorce law.  This allows her to provide practical support to those in emotional need after their divorces.

Post-Divorce Mediation Services in Woodbury, MN

Your response to your divorce will, of course, be unique to you.  If your struggles are not so much with filling a hole left by your spouse, you may find yourself in some kind of conflict with your spouse following the divorce.  Instead of sadness and/or loneliness, you may find yourself experiencing anger.  It is fairly common for divorced couples with children to experience post-divorce conflict.  Lesa Koski can help with these kinds of issues too. Mediation is ideal for resolving issues that may not have been covered in your divorce settlement, or to handle the life changes that could not have anticipated. You might find that you could benefit from a professional perspective in addressing a concern related to child-raising—for example, questions about changing pediatricians or health insurance, nutrition, or faith expression.  Or, you may realize that you need to change one or more specific aspects of a child custody agreement.

In all of those examples, and many others, seeking help from Lesa Koski can provide you with immediate relief to the stress that builds during and after a divorce.  Call her directly at (651) 214-5057 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about her post-divorce support services in Woodbury, MN.