Protecting Your Children In A DivorceYour children do not necessarily get a vote when it comes to your divorce. If you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, your children must adjust to that decision. For most parents, protecting their children is the very most important factor in a divorce settlement largely because of concern over the impact. Lesa Koski understands this and offers exceptional, compassionate mediation services that can empower you to resolve the issues you face with your ex, all while protecting your kids.

Putting Your Kids First During Divorce

There is no denying how big of a life change divorce is for a family unit. The biggest change is that you go from living in the same house to creating and managing two different households. This means that your children will likely split their time between your home and the home of your ex. Here are some tips for protecting your kids during and after the divorce process:

1. Listen: No matter what ages your children are, they will be able to tell you how they are feeling about the new set of circumstances they face. Give them some control over things that you can – extracurricular activities, playdates, meal choices. This can go a long way towards building an added layer of trust that will help them adjust to the changes ahead.
2. Slow down: The divorce process is all-consuming. When you can, take time to sit down with your kids to talk, read, watch a movie, eat meals. Be present with your kids during this time. This will do a lot to help them (and you).
3. Do not talk negatively about your ex: Sharing time with your kids is extremely difficult. Rather than spending that time focused on negative things about your ex and your past, focus on your time with your kids, their interests and how they are doing. Talking negatively about your ex to your children will only hurt them more.
4. Practice self-care: Modeling positive self-care behaviors will teach your children to take care of themselves when they are struggling. This is an excellent lesson for them to learn early. In addition, you are better for them when you feel better.

Mediation Lessens The Stress Of A Divorce

Lesa Koski is a professional divorce mediator that can help you navigate the divorce process from beginning to end. Lesa works very hard to minimize the stress of divorce on you and your entire family. For more information about Lesa’s divorce mediation services or to speak with her about your case, call her directly at 651-214-5057.