Qualified Family & Civil MediatorLesa Koski is a highly qualified Family & Civil Mediator in Woodbury, MN. When life throws legal challenges at us, it is important to know that you have someone you can count on to provide expert guidance and knowledge of applicable state laws. Family matters that require legal attention are especially complex and sensitive. Civil disputes occur between two non-family members. As your mediator, Lesa Koski can help resolve family and civil issues with less stress and difficulty than a court battle.

Benefits of Mediation over Litigation

As a family and civil mediator, Lesa Koski can offer support for many different circumstances. For example, many local couples seek out a mediator when they decide to pursue a divorce. The divorce process is complicated, difficult and can drain you of emotional energy and financial resources. Partnering with a mediator can help you focus, define your priorities and put your well being and the well being of your family first.

Family and civil mediation has many benefits over traditional litigation including:

  • Significantly less expensive than a court battle
  • Takes much less time than litigation, allowing you to find resolution and move forward with your life more quickly
  • Allows for creative solutions to solve unique issues that impact you and your family
  • Completely confidential and you do not have to share your story in a courtroom and leave the decision in the hands of a judge.

If you find yourself pursuing a civil case or are considering a divorce from your spouse, a qualified family and civil mediator like Lesa Koski can help you understand the consequences of your decisions better. She can provide a combination of knowledge of the processes associated with divorce and compassion for all family members who are affected by your decision. In short, Lesa Koski will help you with the logistical, legal, emotional, and psychological aspects of your divorce or civil conflict. Lesa will work to help you find common ground with your case and find solutions that will have a better chance of long-term success.

Family and Civil Mediation Services in Woodbury, MN

Regardless of the nature of your case, it will be helpful to work with a highly skilled and qualified family and civil mediator like Lesa Koski. She works to earn your trust, communicates clearly and effectively and has extensive knowledge of Minnesota law. For more information about her Woodbury, MN family and civil mediation services, call her at (651) 214-5057.