Qualified Minnesota MediatorMinnesota now strongly encourages couples seeking a divorce to attempt an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) technique before beginning the litigation process. There are many different reasons for this. First, the court system is backed up and simply cannot manage all of the divorce and civil cases that need to be heard. In addition, there are many important benefits to mediation that cannot be understated. Mediation is significantly less expensive than a court battle and takes less time, allowing all parties to move forward more quickly. Mediation also allows you to settle your issues confidentially, and find solutions that are creative, and specifically tailored to your unique needs. As a qualified Minnesota mediator, Lesa Koski can help you navigate your divorce or other dispute with less stress and more confidence with a positive outcome.

Experienced Minnesota Mediator

Lesa Koski received her law degree from William Mitchell College of Law (now a part of Hamline University). She also has her Masters in Health and Human Services and is a highly skilled communicator who has spent her entire career helping others. She is also a state qualified neutral who became interested in mediation during law school more than 15 years ago. Lesa values personal connection and uses that strength to help those with conflict find common ground. Her ultimate goal is to help couples get through divorce with as little stress and pain as possible. She understands that the process of conflict resolution can be extremely difficult, but believes that with patience, trust and clear communication, resolution can be found.

Divorce and Civil Mediation Services in MN

Lesa can help navigate the divorce process, but can also serve as your family mediator for other issues including child custody changes after divorce, adoption agreements, and post-divorce mediation. She also mediates civil cases and can help two parties resolve complex issues that are not related to family matters. If you live in Minnesota and are considering mediation to resolve an issue you face, Lesa Koski is a qualified mediator that can help. Lesa can help you gain control over your life by empowering you to compromise and solve your issue amicably. Lesa will help you finally look forward, toward you future, rather than back at the pain of your past.

For more information about the mediation process or to sit down with Lesa to ask questions about your case, call her Woodbury, MN office at 651-214-5057 or email lesa@lesakoski.com.