Reduce Stress During Your DivorceThere is little new to say about the stress that comes with going through a divorce. Divorce is the end of a marriage, the end of a life together and the beginning of a new life. The range of emotions can be overwhelming and include sadness, anger, resentment, betrayal and even hope. The changes that a divorce brings combined with the emotions that you feel make it difficult to see a clear path forward. While this stress may be predictable, it is also very real. What is also becoming more well known is that there are resources available to divorcing couples that are succeeding in reducing, and perhaps even eliminating, stress for many couples.

Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce mediation cannot undo the pain and hurt that so frequently characterizes the relationships of divorcing couples, but it can decrease the level of stress experienced by them as they work through the process associated with bringing a legal end to their marriages. Lesa Koski is a leader in the field of divorce mediation. She has assisted many couples through their divorces, provided enormous amounts of helpful information about the legal aspects of divorce, and offered the often-unexpected benefits of compassion and empathy to divorcing couples. That last component may be one of the most important things that Lesa can provide. She is driven to help couples by her passion for this work and her empathy allows her to connect with clients and build trust, which can make the divorce mediation process easier and smoother.

The courts even recognize this fact. Divorce mediation exists largely as a result of the courts’ acknowledgment that it is not set up to provide a supportive divorce environment, and it is to the credit of the court that it worked toward the creation of a system—specifically, divorce mediation—that does. Lesa Koski has both the legal knowledge and expertise required to navigate the divorce process with the values of compromise and conflict resolution that have been lacking historically in court-based divorces.

Experienced Divorce Mediator That You Can Trust

An added benefit of divorce mediation is that it also tends to be far less expensive than divorcing through the courts. While it is possible to conduct divorce with co-mediators, it is more common for divorcing couples to work with one mediator, whose emphasis is on finding solutions and common ground, all of which serves to reduce stress and allow the divorcing couple to move more comfortably into the next chapters of their lives.
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