Should I Hire a Divorce Mediator?When you decide to divorce, you likely assume that you will need to proceed through the courts to settle all of the important aspects of your divorce. However, divorce can also be settled using a divorce mediator. The mediator acts as a neutral third party empowering you and your soon to be ex-spouse to settle these issues because you actually have the best possible perspective to solve these issues. If you live in or near Stillwater, Minnesota, Lesa Koski is an experienced divorce mediator with years of experience and depth of understanding of Minnesota divorce law. Furthermore, she has honed her skills as a practitioner of mediation to the benefit of many couples who have been able to avoid the comparative difficulties associated with traditional court-based divorce processes.

Should I Try Divorce Mediation to Resolve Issues in my Divorce?

The court-based divorce processes will likely be around forever. They are necessary for extremely complicated divorce circumstances involving large amounts of money and/or property, among other complexities. But the reality for most couples who are considering divorce is that the court-based systems are not set up for the specific needs of their divorce. More and more, judges and other court officials are recommending divorce mediation as a substitute for divorce in the courts. Most couples who seek divorce do not have the financial complications or severity of interpersonal conflict with our spouses that necessitate oversight by a judge. Mediation can resolve all important aspects of a divorce including child custody, division of property and child and/or spousal support in less time that a court battle. Those are just some of the reasons why divorce mediation has become such a preferable alternative for divorcing couples.

For most of us, mediation is the far better choice and as a consequence more and more of us have been choosing divorce mediation in recent years. As mentioned above, divorce mediation is almost always less expensive than court-based divorces, and in fact, the final costs are a fraction of the court-based divorce processes. But perhaps the greatest advantage to selecting mediation is that it has the potential to reduce the conflict between you and your divorcing spouse that led to your decision to end your marriage. This can be critically important if you have children and will continue to co-parent after your divorce.

Experienced Divorce Mediator Stillwater, MN

Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator who has developed the skills necessary to reduce conflict and maximize the good things that define your relationship. When you work with Lesa Koski, you give yourself the opportunity to emerge from the divorce process with less anger, resentment, and ill-will toward your former spouse. The absence, or at least the diminution, of such emotional weight gives you the opportunity to move on to the next chapter in your life with greater ease. If you are interested in , contact Lesa Koski by phone at (651-214-5057) or email her to schedule a consultation.