Signs It Is Time To Seek Divorce MediationThe only people who claim that divorce is easy or that separating from someone with whom you have invested much of your life does not require hard work are those who have never experienced it. There is no doubt that marriage, domestic cohabitation, and other relationships require great effort, but sometimes even the best effort just is not enough to make it work. All of us experience the highs and lows of relationships, but how do you know the difference between just another down time and a situation that would benefit from mediation?

Mediation is a solution that some may not consider at first glance. Often in the heated situations in which they find themselves, partners only see two options—keep things the way they are or wind up in court. However, mediation provides a third (and often better) way forward.

A Satisfactory Finding Without Fighting

As a more peaceful way forward, mediation is a method to manage your separation without the negative feelings that often accompany typical divorce proceedings. Mediation often avoids resentment and animosity more so than other options. Rather than putting your future relationships at risk of baggage picked up through a contentious divorce, the right attorney can provide mediation that works to resolve the separation amicably.

Know When To Turn To Mediation

Many couples are full of energy for pursuing litigation, but as the bills, schedule, and to-do’s of fighting it out in court build, this stamina begins to wane. Mediation provides a less demanding means for moving forward. Also, if you are coming up against a deadline by which you would have hoped to resolve your separation, choosing to pursue litigation is likely to keep you from meeting it. On the other hand, mediation is often a much simpler and quicker way to meet your goal.

The emotional toll of separation and divorce can be heavy enough without the frustrations of costly court proceedings or putting your fate in the hands of a judge. For another way forward to a more harmonious future, consider the mediation efforts of an experienced and compassionate family lawyer like Lesa Koski. As a well skilled mediator, Lesa brings a tremendous amount of skill, education, and competency to her practice.

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