Signs You Are Ready For DivorceDivorcing your spouse is one of the most significant decisions that you will make in your lifetime. It is a major life change that is ranked up there in terms of stress level with a death of a loved one, a major illness or a big move. For this kind of decision, you need to know that you are ready for what comes next. Here are some signs that you are ready to move forward with a divorce:

1. You understand the consequences of a divorce and you are ready for them: It is one thing to threaten divorce when you are in an argument or are feeling hurt. Once you are ready to actually think through the real, tangible consequences of your divorce, you are likely ready to take the next step. This means that you must be thinking realistically about how it will feel to not see your children every day, about who will relocate to another home, as well as the significant financial implications of a divorce on you and your family.
2. You are honest with yourself about actually taking the next step: The emotions surrounding a divorce are intense and it can take a long time to be honest with yourself about exactly what you want for your future. This is a very normal reaction, especially for such an important life decision. Give yourself the time you need, and you will know when you are ready.
3. You still think about divorce even when conflict between you and your spouse is low: It is one thing to think about divorce when you and your spouse are fighting, but if things are relatively good between the two of you and you are still thinking that your life would be better if you were divorced, you are probably ready to begin the divorce process.
4. You can see your part in the failure of the marriage: It is very rare that the failure of a marriage rests solely on the shoulders of one person. If you are ready to get a divorce, it is important that you can also see your role in the breakdown.

Minnesota Divorce Mediator

Lesa Koski is an experienced divorce mediator who can help couples who have made the difficult decision to divorce take the next step. Mediation allows you to move forward on your own terms and decide how best to settle things like division of property, child custody issues and spousal/child maintenance. For more information, call Lesa directly at 651-214-5057 to schedule a free consultation.